10 Harry Potter Book Moments That Should’ve Been In The Movies, According To Ranker

If there is one thing that frustrates a lot of Potterheads about the Harry Potter movies, it is the amount of fantastic content from the books missing from them. From whole backstories to plot explanations to singular, contained scenes, the books are chock full of brilliance that movies should have used in the opinions of fans, to which Ranker can attest.

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Many, many Potterheads put their opinions forth on the site, including on some incredible book moments that deserved a place in the films.

Aunt Petunia’s Howler From Dumbledore

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Howlers only appear a couple of times in the Harry Potter films, but there is a significant Howler from the novels left out of the on-screen adaptations, that being Albus Dumbledores to Petunia in The Order Of The Phoenix.


The Howler was in reaction to everything that went down with the Dementor and was a reminder to Petunia of the pact that they had to ensure Harry’s living arrangements at Privet Drive. It is a moment the movie could have been included, along with the interaction Harry and Dumbledore have about it later in the book.

The Arrival Of The Centaurs At The Battle Of Hogwarts

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Centaurs in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

There were a lot of differences and inclusions to the epic Battle of Hogwarts that could have improved the enthralling climax to The Deathly Hallowsone of which is the presence of the Centaurs.

How they arrive at the battle in The Deathly Hallows novel is badass. Many Potterheads feel as though the likes of Florence were done a bit dirty overall, being far from the best designed magical creatures, and this sequence could have been another excellent element to an already exhilarating sequence of events.

Peeves Salutes The Weasley Twins

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Harry Potter Peeves

Peeves had one deleted scene in The Philosopher’s Stone, but like so many other brilliant aspects of the books, it was otherwise cut completely from the Wizarding World films. This is a scene of his that Ranker deems worthy of a film appearance.

This comes following the Weasley twin’s humiliation of Umbridge and has them tell Peeves to give her hell. His salute response is noted as being the first time Harry sees the mischievous poltergeist obey a student, showcasing not only the relationship he had with the Weasleys but also how troublesome the three were.

Snape Demands The Term ‘Mudblood’ Not Be Used

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows


Snape is one of Harry Potter’s most complex characters, with debates still raging on about the extent to which he is a villain or a hero. This is one of those moments that shows his humanity in dark circumstances but is missing from the novel.

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When Phineus Nigellus comes to tell Snape about Hermione in the Forest of Dean, he refers to her as a Mudblood, to which SNape quickly snaps at him, demanding he not use that word. It is another one of those interesting moments that sees Snape toe the moral line, obviously defending Hermione for his reasons.

Ron Hits Back At Snape

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Snape tormenting Harry and Ron.

The Golden Trio all have very different elements to their characters between the books and movies, and a big Ron moment missing from the movies is his standing up for Hermione against Snape.

Throughout their time at Hogwarts, Snape picks on the Golden Trio, especially on Harry’s celebrity status and Hermione’s brains. On one occasion in The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Ron takes issue with Snape embarrassing Hermione and tells him that “You asked us a question, and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?” It is a great Ron moment that also showcases the difference between being berated by an enemy and being ‘insulted’ by a friend. Many book scenes would have been impossible to adapt into the films, but this could have been included relatively easily.

Harry Protects Professor McGonagall With The Cruciatus Curse

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Harry makes a couple of attempts at using the Cruciatus Curse, one of the three unforgivable curses, in the Harry Potter movies, but his one successful use in The Deathly Hallows is not shown.

It comes when he defends Professor McGonagall from Amycus Carrow, who spat in McGonagall’s face. Amycus unquestionably deserved the curse, and it would showcase greatly just how much of a breaking point Harry was at in The Deathly Hallows by the time of the movie’s final battle had this moment been included in some way, shape, or form.

Professor McGonagall Offers Harry A Biscuit

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Harry has many amazing friendships and character dynamics, with one of the sweetest being that he shares with Professor McGonagall. One of the kindest, quietest moments they share was omitted from the movies.

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In The Order Of The Phoenix, McGonagall questions Harry on his shouting at Umbridge and how he commented on the return of Voldemort, all before rather kindly offering Harry a biscuit. Not only is this a moment between two friends, but it is also a showcase of McGonagall’s well-established disdain for Umbridge, which is always great to see.

Professor McGonagall Hits Back At Umbridge

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

One Hogwarts Professor whom audiences do not see being watched over by Umbridge while teaching is McGonagall. This did happen in the books, though, and it was amazing.

While the other teachers in the film are all kind of go along with Umbridge’s ridiculous assessment of their abilities, McGonagall is unfavorable to stand up for herself and clap back at the abhorrent Ministry worker. Her brilliant, stoic response to Umbridge’s watching of her teaching methods would have been a welcome inclusion to the film, but given that the movie was more interested in showing her power and how evil of a Hogwarts Professor she could be, it is understandable why it was left out.

Professor Dumbledore Berates The Dursleys For Their Treatment Of Harry

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Vernon Dursely, with a scowl and his finger raised

Many fans often wonder why Dumbledore would leave Harry with the Dursleys after they proved themselves abusive and overall terrible family members. In the books, at least, he berates them.

In The Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore calmly but coldly lets the Dursleys know that they have done a disgustingly bad job at acting as guardians and protectors to Harry. The Dursleys very much deserve a verbal beatdown for the way they neglected Harry, and seeing this in the movie would have been amazing, especially as one of the final showcases of Dumbledore’s care for Harry before he died.

The Full Battle Between Molly Weasley & Bellatrix LeStrange

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Mrs Weasley killing Bellatrix in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is full of so many amazing, memorable moments, one of which is the short duel between Molly and Bellatrix that sees the latter deservedly die. Ranker users believe the full fight would have been better, though.

In the novel counterpart, the iconic “Not my daughter, you b * tch!” remains, but the exchange before Bellatrix’s demise is far longer, with more movement and Harry present to observe events. This would have undoubtedly been better had it been longer and fuller, but that does not make their short exchange bad.

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