25 trained on entrepreneurship –

By: Haruna Kuyateh

IMVF TEKKI FII, an EU funded project trained 25 TVET on entrepreneurship aimed at promoting Agribusiness opportunities for Gambian youths, held in Jarra Soma of Lower River Region.

Kaddy Fofana IMVF TEKKI FII Training Advisor described TVET training as relevant in transforming the mindset of youths on agribusiness through entrepreneurship entity concept.

She underscored IMVF commitment in complementing government efforts in promoting TVET programs in strengthening the capacity of youths on skills on Agribusiness to boost development and entrepreneurship.

“TVET training and its relevance should be understood by all, to encourage more private sector participation and extension create employment opportunities and markets. IMVF partnership with TVET institutions has contributed and trained 234 youths and hailed Implementing Partners for the giant strife in providing excellence in TVET programs. The training advisor calls on beneficiaries to be proactive on proper utilization of grants. As part of sustainability, IMVF will monitor progress and failure, with the ultimate aim to provide coaching and mentoring, ”she said.

The TVET certificates in small ruminants and poultry production would contribute in transforming lives and livelihood. She noted that IMVF TEKKI FII partner with Implementing Partners (IP) Insight Training Center in Kuntair, Girl’s Guide Training Center in Soma and Julangel Training Center in Upper River Region among others to support training of sponsored youths on poultry and small ruminants’ production.

Susan Luso Jatta, Agribusiness and Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant said agribusiness will contribute in changing the lives of youths’ people and to be self-reliant.

She noted entrepreneurship training is key for any successful business and called on beneficiaries to be proactive in building networking and communication.

Seedy Sey, Lead Trainer on Entrepreneurship and Communication expressed delight in the partnership and noted that Entrepreneurship training is an essential ingredient for any successful business.

He called on beneficiaries to optimally meet best use of the start-up kits grant and promote record keeping.
Nyanya Mbye LRR Regional Youths Assistant thanks government and EU funded IMVF TEKKI FII project for enhancing the capacity of youths on TVET education and providing start up kits. She said TVET training can help youths change the narrative by initiating small businesses to improve lives and livelihood. She noted that TVET helps youths to have access to grants and loans to scale up opportunity and enhance employment creation.

Madam Mbye noted that rolling out of 1st ever entrepreneurship and start up kits, demonstrated their commitment to youths’ development and empowerment. The support can be seen as a game changer in the drive to address irregular migration and boost economic opportunities.

Josephine Mendy, a trainee from Girl’s Guide Training Center delivered a vote of thanks to IMVF for the sponsorship training package provided to youths at various TVET centers.

She said the support would strengthen their capacity to start their businesses and assured of their commitment.

Alsamba Barry of Ndongoroba a physical challenge thanks IMVF TEKKI FII project for sponsoring 9 months training on small ruminants’ production at Girl’s Guide Training Center, providing him with 5 sheep, feed, medication and entrepreneurship training.

He disclosed that the support would prevent him street begging and become self-reliant. Wonton Jarjue of Foni Jifanga, a beneficiary, received 150 poultry birds and Babucar Gaye of Kerr Jarja Jobe of Jokadou received 5 small ruminants (3 ewe and 2 ram).

Alagie Kanteh Public Relation Officer Gambia Returnees from Backway thanks International Organization on Migration IOM for airlifted migrants from Libya and by extension providing resettlement package to returnees.

He disclosed that upon their return from Libya 18 youths decided to start a poultry project and as a result IOM provided each D166, 000 as grant which total to D2, 988,000.

The purpose of the project aimed to venture into the productive sector of the economy and above all set pace for young people to believe in themselves and make best use of the opportunity.

He shared bitter experiences during illegal journey to Tripoli, citing tortures, beatings and imprisonment. PRO Kanteh on behalf of IOM beneficiaries thanked the community of Nuimi Berending for allocation of land to start their project.

He called on youths to make best opportunities provided government and donor agencies including IMVF TEKKI FII and IOM among others. He said as a result of flooding 3000 poultry birds died and call for more support to enable them realize their potential

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