6 Safest Used Luxury Cars and SUVs for Teens for Under $25,000

As a parent, you praise the day when you no longer have to drive your teenagers to and from school, team practices, and the mall. When they learn to drive, you can’t wait to be able to prevent unwanted windshield time, save gas money, and send them to the grocery store for that gallon of milk you forgot to grab on your way home from work. But, of course, there is a genuine worry that they will find themselves behind the wheel of a cheap used car that threatens their safety.

Fortunately, plenty of safe and affordable used cars are on the market today, even well-trimmed examples to ensure your child is protected on the road. To make your decision easier, iSeeCars determined these were the six safest and most reliable used luxury cars and SUVs for teens, and all for under $25,000.

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