A strange Tesla solar trailer appears at a German fair, what will it be? – Tesla – Hybrid and Electric

The industry is looking for ways and alternatives that can provide electric coaches with extra autonomy. In many cases we have seen how high-performance solar panels are integrated into coaches, as is the case of the Lightyear One. Tesla has never presented a range extender panel, as there are other rivals, such as Tesla. hey there surprise when the assistants at the Hannover IndeenExpo fair found themselves with a Tesla solar trailer. What will it be?

Exposed right at the entrance of the German Feria, the trailer does not provide much information about it, except that it counts with Smartlink technology, another one of the companies of Elon Musk, to receive WiFi connection by satellite anywhere in the world. Recently Starlink has updated its system to be able to provide wireless connection even in moving vehicles, as is the case of this particular solar trailer.

Is Tesla thinking about a range extender? We don’t know it, but we don’t believe it to be there. No one of the Tesla Models is known for its autonomy period, and if we only add the network of Supercargadores and the increasingly largest public cargo infrastructure, Autonomy has not been a problem for Tesla at any time during its commercial phase. The Austin ones are satisfied with the current electric ranges, and we do not believe that they consider the development of a trailer with panels to increase the autonomy in approximately 80 kilometers.

It would not be practical to take off a trailer during long trips to gain that time range extension. The most logical thing is to think of an alternative energy source in different situations, such as in large campsites. Where to have the inexhaustible sustenance of the solar panels can be very comfortable and beneficial. There is a little more meaning for this trailer that, when it extends its panels, shows an extensive surface of capture, although no exact yield data has been provided.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of looking for and buying it, forget it. Tesla is not going to sell the trailer, nothing like it, except for the short term. It is possible that this is an alternative sample to Tesla’s solar panels, a creative exercise to demonstrate the multiple uses that can be given. Another factor that should give us an unequivocal signal that it is not a commercial product is the design, too rudimentary and industrial to be a company that is clearly committed to much more stylized creations.

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