A Tesla Model Y loses control in China and leaves 2 dead and 3 injured | Video | Electric Vehicles | Peru | United States | Spain | Mexico | TUERK RULES

Un Tesla Model Y I left the dead and three heroes behind losing control. El hecho occurred in the city of Chaozhou, in China🇧🇷 El electric vehicle I ran at great speed through the streets for several minutes causing chaos and then tragedy.

El automobile rolled up first to a cyclist and then to a pedestrian. Both people lost their lives. It was also recorded that three other people were inherited. Así lo demostraron the security cameras of the municipality, which followed the route of the vehicle🇧🇷

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El dueño del automobilea subject aged 55 years, I stated that I was unable to brake the unit. He insisted that he step on the pedal to stop the unit in his desperation while accelerating more and more.

Hecho se produced when the driver tried to park his unit. Immediately, he Tesla accelerated and covered several kilometers with all the power it could offer. That’s until it collided with a building.

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The driver said that he only tried to dodge everything that was on his way🇧🇷 The same negative hatred for the drug trial that was committed after the tragedy. The family of the implicated one affirmed that the subject was quejó during previous weeks of the brakes of his automobile🇧🇷

for your part, Tesla it was pronounced and stated that the lights of the brake never burned during the day. He added that the data of vehicle proves that the brake pedal was never actuated, contrary to the declarations of the due of the vehicle.

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The CEO of Tesla🇧🇷 Elon Musk, I stated that I put the company at the disposal of the investigations of the man. The objective is to be able to clarify what has been raised.


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