A Tesla Model Y out of control causes the deaths in China, is it the fault of the man or the machine?

An electric coach has become very famous in China in the last few hours. A Tesla Model Y driven by an old truck caused panic in the interior of a population when crossing it at full speed, outside of control, and the versions of the driver and the manufacturer contradict each other.

The episodes of sudden, involuntary, uncontrolled or sudden acceleration (the SUA) are not new in the world of the automobile, but when Tesla stars in more media. It’s easy to find the fault with the automatisms of driving these coaches, but before that, you have to help with the tests.

In the last few hours, the video of a sinister road in Chaozhou, in the Chinese province of Guangdong, has gone viral, where a Tesla Model Y has been driving at full speed without braking, until it collides with a tricycle and a building. As a result, of the people who died, the other three were inherited, and the driver could tell you. By the way, he already spoke and gave his version.

The items took place on the past 5th of November, un apacible Saturday at the end of 7th of the morning -local time-. The sequence lasts less than a minute and is certainly impactful, because before the final collision, the driver dodges other vehicles and even more cyclists. Tesla had approached the arcén with the intention of stopping, but he was reincorporated into circulation.

A driver who passed by there, probably without a hull, saved himself by his hair from being snared by the coach, who started to accelerate. The driver, surprised, elusive al scooter y mantuvo el control del coche en la recta. Several security cameras captured the coach at great speed on its route🇧🇷

Otro driver no tuvo la same suerte. As we can see in the images, the consequences could be much more serious. More than a camera probably not tuviese the time well adjusted, since there is an inexplicable jump of several minutes between the clippings of video. The driver did not recover control after driving the tricycle and stopped a building.

according to there first information released on Twitter, the driver is a retired truck heading to his new job. When he was parking, the car started to accelerate on the ground, the brakes and the parking function («P») of the gear change did not work. The speed reached its maximum and hubo muertos.

Apparently, the brake lights stay on while slowing down, at the beginning of the sequence, and do not turn off when you rejoin the road. Some media have corrected the blame on the Autopilot system, which is not used in these circumstances because it is an assistant for fast routes. On the other hand, the FSD system is not functional for any Chinese customer.

On the social networks of China, the event did not take long to spread, as shown by the capture on Weibo on Saturday 12. The material damages are large and the vehicle withstood them quite well, at the margin of the irreparable losses of the deceased already mentioned. the mortal race only lasted 2.6 kilometers🇧🇷

The manufacturer communicated that the accelerator pedal was pressed punctually until the bottom, that the brakes were not applied at any time, and that in the video it was possible to appreciate that the brake lights are off (what we see are the position lights). The P function was used, yes, but not long enough to activate the car’s emergency mode, which cuts off impulse completely.

On Weibo a public user who is the driver «I was mentally evicted and did not drive drunk or on drugs. Can I ask who demons would press the wrong pedal for 2.6 kilometers in a row?»🇧🇷 It is not the first case of this type, nor is it exclusively in China.

The most plausible hypothesis is that the driver simply got confused with the pedal and, in panic, did not remove the brake pedal (believing that it was)

In the interview carried out by Dahe Daily (you can read it in English at CnEVPost), the driver denied being distracted or using a mobile phone. According to his version, the regenerative braking was not working correctly and he pressed the brake pedal to stop the car completely, when it was ready to park. He says he tried to select «P» in the gearbox, when the car accelerated for his account. After the collision, he was unconscious.

According to its version, I tried repeatedly to activate the brake pedal and no one had stepped on the accelerator. He dodged everyone he could until his reflections were insufficient given the speed achieved. He complained that the tacto del brake was extraño and harder than normal. The possibility of a vehicle failure is not disposableif it says the truth and the data log says what it says.

In case of contradiction of the electrical signals of the accelerator and the brake (by stepping at the same time), the brake prevails, and the power of the brakes always exceeds that of the engine, the same as the vehicle we are using. We will have to wait for the formal investigation to end to find out exactly what happened.

Source: CnEVPost

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