Adnan Ashraf, the next UK billionaire

Adnan Ashraf is a young man from the United Kingdom who, at only 33 years old, is giving a lot of talk in Europe for his great empire in different business areas. Which range from its very famous “Nine” chain restaurants within the district to international pharmaceuticals, clothing brands and even technology.

Adnan was originally on his way to becoming a professional boxer when he had a serious injury that was beyond repair, he had the mindset and dedication to training. He always knew that he could not work for anyone and was always interested in business from a very young age, starting by selling fabrics that he imported from factories.

Adnan’s pharmaceuticals and luxurious restaurants are the basis of its success, although he continues to expand without limits, which is why this year he decided to venture into the market, launching Kluch, a powerful application that is captivating the attention of hundreds of thousands of users . It is a business which solves the problem of social networks, helping influential people and companies to connect to create power relationships for influencers and creating fruitful businesses for large companies to boost their sales and grow within the world of the internet through. All through a secure transaction, since the money will be held with Kluch and will only be released when both parties sign.

Adnan considers this business a great opportunity, since in the world of social networks many people have great talent but little ability to monetize. The reality is that the future for Adnan Ashraf paints that his goals do not stop being fulfilled. Social networks and image were always on his list of priorities and having fulfilled them, he became a figure of reference and an example for young entrepreneurs. Finally it was time to prove his value and skills in the market to transform them into money.

We asked Adnan what he expects from your future. He told us: “The reality is that I see myself continuing to grow, travel and become the next UK billionaire. The true greats of the industry made their fortunes based on services and solutions on the Internet and we are on that path with really enormous goals to achieve. Among them this year’s goal is to launch Kluch, and open an NFT-based salon in Dubai. We are also looking to open more Nine restaurant chains in the world.”

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