AECC University College supports Dorset Innovation Hub

The Dorset Innovation Hub (the Hub) is one of four hubs funded by The Health Foundation (HF) and is made up of partner organizations from across the Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS). AECC University College is proud to be a partner organization, offering its experience and expertise to support the adoption of proven innovations that can improve health and social care outcomes, equality of care and accessibility across Dorset.

The Hub ultimately looks to support innovation projects, be it medicines, technology, pathways, diagnostics, digital, and innovative ways of working, helping the local health system become a better adopter of health care improvements.

Professor Lesley Haig, Vice-Chancellor at AECC University College, said “We’re delighted to be a partner in the Dorset Innovation Hub and be part of the program supporting health care providers to enable faster and more effective uptake of innovations and improvements. This approach creates a long-lasting impact for patients and patient care in Dorset and beyond. The innovations will help health, social care, and other services in the county meet the complex health needs of Dorset’s older population, health inequalities, and variation in life and healthy life expectancy. Together we are seeking to address the unique challenges of caring for the population of Dorset, and the need to innovate and transform care.”

Innovations which can help meet Dorset’s priority health and well-being challenges, improve patient care, and save the NHS time and money, will be adopted, and used throughout the system.

For more information on the Hub, please see here and to find the latest news on innovation across Dorset and the help that is available to innovators, please see the Hub’s newsletters here.

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