Ambiental Evaluation Commission launches Phoenix Gold Mining Project in Copiapó | Special

La Atacama Ambient Evaluation Commission, encased by the presidential delegate, Gerardo Tapia, resumes this March the installation of Fénix Gold mining project in Copiapó.

Take the initiative to extract mineral oil in the Cerro Maricunga, located at 140 kilometers of attack capital, with an inversion of 111 million dollars.

According to Radio Candelaria, the decision to qualify as ambiently unfavorable was made by a favorable vote and 11 against.

Of all manner of conduct, in accordance with the legislation in force, the company may appeal the decision within the next 30 days.

Fenix ​​Gold Mining Company Defense Company

Through a communication, the project management company, the Canadian Rio2 Limited, adelantó who will work on the evaluation of his options and decide on an action plan.

“Phoenix Gold follows the conviction that it provided the technical information and studies sufficient to obtain a favorable EIA ruling,” it said.

The mining project is currently under construction for 17 years, contemplating the contract of more than 500 people for its operation.

“The project complies with the applicable normative standard and complies with the ambient requirements for the application of the applicable sectoral permits”, agrees the mine.

In this line, it should be noted that the mine that is being modeled for the Project will be a pilotage operation, which will not require installation or repositories, which will minimize the overall impact and the impact of the project.

Gobierno accuso lack of information on impact on flora and fauna

No matter, for the Ambiental Evaluation Commission, lack of information regarding the impact that generation has on the flora and fauna of the place, such as chinchillas, vicuñas and guanacos.

This is an indication of the medio Ambiente, Natalia Penroz, that “information gathering about affecting the Chinchilla cola, Guanaco and Vicuña populations, all of these species with conservation problems” has been reported.

“Specifically, the species Chinchilla de cola short, which is categorized as critically acclaimed, as the Ministry of the Environment, we are implementing a Plan of Recovery, Conservation and Management for this species”, agreed.

Mientras, el delegate President of the Regional Atacama, Gerardo Tapia, assures that “companies that invest in Atacama must always keep in mind that the development of the industries must be sustainable”.

“It simply came to our notice then. In this sense, we need to be able to harmonize the crime, employment and development, with a sense of protection in the medium, ”he said.


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