Ameer Merchant, The Brain Behind Multiple Successful Businesses

Just Merchant Things is one of his brands under his business Merchant Trading Co, which he plans to expand to different parts of the world.

Over the years, many professionals and experts around different sectors worldwide have spoken about how other budding talents can pave their own path to success. There are also many guides, resources, books, etc., that claim to help people turn into successful business owners. However, what helps budding talents the most is the inspiration they gain from real people’s real success stories that have the power to ignite the fire in them to make those challenging decisions and walk relentlessly towards becoming their best versions. Ameer Merchant is a self-made success story who emphasizes on the same as he believes that every individual in this world has the capability to attain their goals and visions if they work with resilience and passion.

He has created a massive business empire of his as a young entrepreneurial talent in his thirties, hailing from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Today, his business presence and prominence are seen across India and the Middle East, all thanks to the strong mental fortitude with which Ameer Merchant worked his way to the top, attracting major success for all his ventures. He is the one who launched Euphoria, an incredible kitchen staple offering the best fried onion flakes. Operating his varied businesses across Mumbai, Gujarat, Dubai, and Iran, he has indeed come a long way and still thinks he has a long way to go.

His major business Marine Enterprise stands as one of the leading exporters of refurbished ship machinery and spares, and with Merchant Trading Co., he offers Euphoria and Merchant Perfumes. The latter has been making a massive mark for itself in the luxury perfume niche as a luxury brand, the fragrance collection of which can turn heads and feel mesmerized with the long-lasting perfumes. With sleek, classy designs of the perfume bottles and the revitalizing scents, it has raised the bar in the niche. His Island Foods Co. dehydrates vegetables and fruits and has cold storage of 5000 tons capacity.

Diving also into the trading sector, Ameer Merchant (@i.ameermerchant) has stunned everyone with his business astuteness and attributes this to his passion for doing business and his resilience. He advises other up-and-coming business owners to focus on the same and keep walking their paths with an optimistic mindset to reach their goals, even as young business owners.


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