An opiate, como el que usaba Dr. House, under the magnifying glass: investigating and causing deaths in the EU

Oxycodone is presented in different colors according to its concentration

The most addictive opiate sold in the United States is known en la calle como Blue, Hillbilly a Kicker. In the year 2000, a similar drug from the group of opioids, but with the same effects, was hydrocodone under the Vicodin brand, which gained polarity and which Dr. House self-administered in the homonymous series to calm his strong pains leg

Now, to the drug oxycodone, que es presenta en distintos formatos de marcas, en los últimos años se transformó en un verdadero dolor de cabeza para los medicos y agentes sanitarios reguladores de las drogas contra el dolor.

Es que el abuso de este powerful analgesic a partir de la fuerte addiction que generate leads todos los años a miles de muertes en ese país y en todo el mundo. Also in Argentina.

El abuso de este opiáceo fue denunciado en EEUU
El abuso de este opiáceo fue denunciado en EEUU

“Las muertes por sobredosis superan las muertes por VIH, accidentes automovilísticos o violencia armada en cada uno de sus puntos más altos”, he compared The New York Times. Los datos del CDC “también show that he increase of deaths corresponds strongly to the use of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl“. The analysts who consulted the newspaper observed that there are three important factors to interpret in relation to this: se recetan menos opioides pero sube el consumo illegal; cada vez más estadounidenses usaron opioides y las drogas tienen mayor capacidad lethalcon lo cual un pequeño del consumidor lo lleva a la muerte.

Un group muy afectado por la crisis de los opioides son los nativos americanos. According to a study by the CDC, it is segmento étnico las muertes en las que estuvo involucrado un opiáceo increased more than 500% between 1999 and 2015, while in the general population, this figure reached 200% in that period.

Es tal el escándalo producto de las muertes confirmed por este opiáceo, than a group of more than 500 cities, condados y tribus natives of 26 estados de EEUU they filed a massive lawsuit against all members of the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharmaat the company that elaborates the medicine OxyContin, it is labeled as addictive.

El analgésico acusado de producir una alta adicción
El analgésico acusado de producir una alta adicción

The complaint filed in the Federal Court of the Southern District of New York against Purdue Pharma establishes that “eight members of a single family made the choice to contribute to the opium epidemic and this nation is facing an unprecedented addiction to opiates that was initiated and perpetuated by this family”.

In Argentina, oxycondona is sold under the trade name Oxycontinfrom the foreign laboratory Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals SRL, which in 2016 was installed in our country.

El 17 de julio de 2018 at National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) authorized the commercialization of the medicinal product through the ANMAT Disposition N° 5743/09 and the Expediente N° 1-47-1110-763-17-8 of the internal registry.

Authorization from ANMAT in 2018
Authorization from ANMAT in 2018

Por Certificado N° 46,428, it was authorized to register in the Registro de Especialidades Medicinales de esta Administración Nacional, del producto denominated OXYCONTIN/ OXICODONA CLORHYDRATO 10 mg – 20 mg – 40 mg; pharmaceutical form/s: comprimidos recubiertos de liberación prolongada, que es importo desde EEUU a la República Argentina.

From ANMAT, they confirmed a Infobae que the drug is authorized in Argentina as an analgesic and is available in 10, 20 and 40 mg tablets. It is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe pain and is sold under official prescription. También indicaron que en el siteo oficial del organismo se informa sobre sus components y efectos adversos.

On the ANMAT page, it is clarified that “the Vademecum Nacional de Medicamentos (VNM) is an official source of permanent updates, in which all medicines currently sold in the Republic of Argentina are published and where the user can consult the suggested price , among other data of interest”.

The different types of presentation of the approved analgesic in Argentina
The different types of presentation of the approved analgesic in Argentina

It is also specified that “this tool offers a whole community, prescribers, dispensers, patients and consumers with the possibility of corroborating that, sobre el medicamento prescripto y/o dispensado, no pesan restrección de uso y/o commercialización, and it is a product reached by the National Drug Trazabilidad Sistema”.

Marcelo Peretta is a doctor in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and general secretary of the Argentino Union of Pharmacéuticos and Biochemicals in Argentina and in dialogue with Infobaehe explained la oxycodone is a potent analgesic, a substance to mitigate strong pains.

“They are used in surgeries and also in ambulatory and post-surgical treatments. It is an opiate that relaxes you and makes nervous endings not transmitan el dolor. In summary, it calms down, relaxes and changes the patient’s mood from a painful sensation to a pleasant one,” added the specialist describing the drug.

But enseguida lanzó una fuerte warning: “It’s about an highly addictive product that in Argentina is easy to obtain under prescription. The danger lies in the fact that of the 3,000 deaths that occur in the country due to the consumption of opiates, 10 per cent, that is to say, 300 cases correspond only to this drug. There are 300 people who die every year from oxycodone“.

Its availability is based on a medical prescription, informed the ANMAT authorities
Its availability is based on a medical prescription, informed the ANMAT authorities

And added: “The ANMAT says that there are no reports on the secondary effects of oxycodone users in Argentina. Pero desde hace 10 años que se vienen denunciando los casos de abuso. And now with the gigantic demand that is happening in the EU, our control agency and the Secretary of Health of the Nation do nothing and there is no type of control over its commercialization and sale”.

El experto en fármacos también hizo un mea culpa respecto a los médicos y pharmaceutics que no controlan la penetración de esta druga en la sociedad. “Los pharmaceutics are not used to reporting the adverse effects of medications. A narcovigilance form must be completed before the ANMAT. Pero que no haya reporte no significa que tengamos problemas. No que las autoridades deban actuary de oficio ante is a great health problem”, said Peretta.

And highlighted: “It’s sad the answer from ANMAT que fronte a la serious multiple complaint in the EU, no se preoccupe. Aquí hay causas judicial de narcotráfico vinculadas al tráfico de oxycodona a otros países, ya que aquí es más fácil conseguirlo. It is a public health problem that the authorities must deal with. La gente se convierte en adicta y se muere”.

OxyContin sheet

– OxyContin is legally prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain caused by injuries, bursitis, neuralgia, arthritis and cancer.

-Las people abusan del OxyContin for the effects of euphoria it produces, similar to those of heroin.

– OxyContin is sold in the form of tablets of 10, 20, 40, and 80 milligrams (mg). The tablets come in different colors and sizes according to dosage. The tablets bear the letters OC printed on one side and the number of milligrams on the opposite side.

– OxyContin tablets are controlled release and must be swallowed whole. To cancel the effect of controlled release, those who make improper use of the drug either chew it or pulverize it. Let the tabletas pulverizadas se pueden aspirar a dissolver en agua e inyectarse.

-People of all ages abuse OxyContin. Data from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (Encuesta Nacional de los Hogares acerca del Abuso de Drogas) indican que cerca de un million de residents de los Estados Unidos de 12 años de edad o más used OxyContin con fines no medicos al menos una vez en la vida.

-El abuso del OxyContin among the students of the media education presents a special problem. 4 percent of students from the last year of high school in the United States used drugs at least once last year, according to the Monitoring the Future (Vigilancia del Futuro) survey conducted by the University of Michigan.

-People who abuse OxyContin are exposed to develop a tolerance to the drug, which means that higher doses must be administered each time to achieve the same effects.

-In addition, those who abuse OxyContin and inject the drug are exposed to other risks, including HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), hepatitis B and C, and other blood-borne viruses.

– OxyContin abuse is illegal. OxyContin is a substance that appears in List II of the Controlled Substances Act. List II drugs, including cocaine and methamphetamine, have great abuse potential. El abuso de esas drogas creat una fuerte dependencia psycological o física.

-The price in Argentina is between $658 and $1,500 for three units.

-After the death of Michael Jackson, in his autopsy it was revealed that the singer had a large amount of this drug in his organism.

– The president of the USA, Donald Trump, declared the opiate crisis as “a public health emergency”, because there are more than 2.4 million people in his country who are addicted to these drugs.


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