Anne Burrell Talks The New Celebrity Season Of Worst Cooks In America

This might be a hard question. It’s a bit more general, but if you could recall one of the worst dishes a contestant has ever made, what dish would it be?

You’re asking me to dig back through the years into the annals of terrible dishes. There’s one that Rachael Ray and I always laugh about because it happened on a season with Rachael. It was this guy that, on the first day of what we call the “baseline challenge” took a can of tuna fish, and I don’t even think he really drained it, and mixed it with about two cups of mayonnaise and a jar of … Rachael and I dispute this, she thinks it was grape jelly. I think it was raspberry jelly – regardless, gross.

[He] put about half of this … [skin color, peachy, beige-y colored ]slop into the bottom of a loaf pan and then put two pieces of American cheese on top of that and then put the rest of it on and two more pieces of American cheese and baked it. He turned it out and it was this splat of really disgusting, runny, tuna fish with jelly in it. [He] then broke off some pieces of iceberg lettuce on the side. That was a really gross one.

Then, there was this other woman named Jetta. Oh my gosh. This one is even worse, actually. She took two blocks of frozen okra. They were still frozen solid, and I remember this because she dropped them into the skillet from high up. You heard this ice cube crash in the pan. We’re like, “What the heck is that?” It was frozen okra, and then she mixed in cans of sardines that still had all the bones and everything in them. It was this really watery, dark green / gray mixture. She put a whole bunch of egg noodles in it and then topped the whole thing with two hot dogs that she cooked in the toaster oven until they were shriveled to nothing.

Oh my gosh. I’m very impressed that you were able to get through that.

I did not try that one. There was no getting me even close to that. I was like, “How can you even possibly … What? I don’t …” Things that people do to food, it still shocks the heck out of me.

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