Apple: Tim Cook reveals that most of the discourse with Steve Jobs was due to the sales strategy of the first iPhone | España | México | Colombia | TECNOLOGIA

Tim Cook confirms that his biggest discourse with Steve Jobs debated the sales strategy of the first iPhone. During the Code Conference 2022, the original cellular designer Jony Ive, the exposed by ExCEO Lauren Powell Jobs and the regular Kara Swisher Apple.

Su forma de hacer las cosas was more creative and different. Mi manera habría escalado más rápido, o al menos así lo sentía yo; so we are really discouraged about this during a time”, Asegura Cook on the debate between ambos, indicating that this is already a few years ago.

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Seg Cookn Cook, qul quería que ilas comp compñías telefónicas subvencionaran los celulares que crease Apple. It decides, that These companies pay attention to a portion of the cost of iPhone by adelantadothey recall this inversion with the customer accounts of customers.

By its part, Steve Jobs wants to recall part of what he is currently receiving in the phone companies. Therefore, this situation is not common in the celestial sector of this ospoca, because it is not likely to be accredited.

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If you came up with the idea of ​​Jobs al inicio, to share the ingredient, Apple is using the strategy that imposed Cook. From this form, the iPhone launches the market and revolves around the industry rapidly in 2007.

De muchas maneras, the whole company is acting like lo hacía Steve”, Afirma Cook, indicating that the company is still in the business and ética line that incites all-round customers all the years that are coming to Apple.


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