Arranca una nueva edición del curso Samsung Innovation Campus de Big Data – Samsung Newsroom España

• The company celebrated at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid the inauguration ceremony of the new course with the delivery of diplomas to the students of the previous edition.

• Durante la ceremonia se hizo entrega del premio al mejor proyecto en Big Data. un prototype de Tección early de conductas suicidas en RR.SS.

Yesterday, Samsung celebrated the inauguration ceremony of the new edition of the Samsung Innovation Campus Big Data program, a project whose objective is to boost the learning of new technologies and improve the employability of young people.

The ceremony, celebrated at the ETS of Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, included the presence of the vice-rectors of the University, Fernando Vela, Vice-Rector of Strategy and Academic Organization; Francisco Javier Jimenez Leube, Vice-Rector of Communication and Institutional Relations; Víctor Robles Forcada, Vice-Rector of Strategy and Digital Transformation and Agustín Yagüe Panadero, Director of ETSI Sistemas Informáticos. On the part of Samsung, assisted by Ick Soo Choi, president of Samsung Electronics Iberia. One representative of the Community of Madrid assisted Mercedes Marín, Director General of Bilingualism and Quality of Education.

During the event, diplomas were handed out to students from the last edition of the Samsung Innovation Campus, finalized last July in collaboration with UPM. Un total de 20 alumnos consiguieron finalizar con éxito esta formación centrada en Big Data lo que let les permareja mejorar su empleabilidad en uno de los campos más demandados del mercado laboral.

The Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) formative program consists of scholarships entirely by Samsung whose objective is to promote the learning of new technologies and improve the employability of young people, as well as to train students with technical skills to lead the 4th revolution industrial.

Para Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Head of Brand Strategy & Innovation de Samsung Electronics Iberia “los alumnos de esta promoción han acquired solid conocimientos en Big Data, lo que les appráfico poder acceder a un mercado laboral en expansión. Durante el curso los alumnos han demonstrated a great motivation, interest and dedication, lo que se ha visto reflecado en la calidad de los proyectos presentados”.

Detección early de conductas suicidas en RR.SS. proyecto ganador de la ultima edition.

El proyecto para detecter conductas suicidas en RR.SS. ha resultado ganador del mejor proyecto con fin social presentado por alumnos de esta edition. This is an initiative that searches for suicide tendencies in comments, tweets and posts from different social networks in real time, with the objective of discovering these behaviors in advance and alerting the relevant authorities to anticipate these events.

Samsung Innovation Campus emerged in 2020 under the umbrella of ‘Technology with Purpose’, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. So, with the objective of boosting technological training in Spain, during these two years, 11 editions of the course on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have been taught, where more than 275 students have been trained between the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Universidad de Málaga.

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