Australian Perth Mint increases its gold and silver bullion sales in May

The House of the Western Australia Occidental, the Perth Mint, recorded positive sales figures as well as its investment products in gold as well as plate. Language sales and gold coins will be recovered during the month recorded in April, while the full-time sales will be increased by my next quarter.

Lay Perth Mint australiana, la ceca que acuña bullion tan conocidos como el Kangarooel Koalael Cucaburra o the pieces dedicated to Año Lunar Chino (see image), register positive figures both in his sales of tongues and coins of oro como de plata during the month of Mayo.

One of the things he saw was favored by him chain of the prices of metalworkers beautiful in mayo (el oro bajó un 3.8% y la plata, un 7.1%), secondly my consecutive.

In the case of the products of platelas ventas de lingotes y monedas alcanzaron las 2,217,582 onzas, the highest number since the last month January. This figure represents a lower part of it 4.6% meet April sales and 30.4% in comparison with May 2021.

In words Neil Vancegeneral manager of water products of the Perth Mint, This trend has been rising over the past few months. May sales we confirm that will continue. We have many months working on it maximum capacity of our productionalthough there are always things that we can do to increase our efficiency at the time of production and then be in conditions to satisfy the needs of our distributors worldwide ”.

In what we call yearthe Perth Mint’s flat sale products have side by side 10,006,195 onzas, a 23.7% mayors of which 8,092,608 are sold during the same period of the past year.


When referring to the gold bullion, the combined sales of metal tongs and coins on the part of the Perth Mint during the passing month of Mayo 98,515 onzas, a 21.7% more than in April and an 8.1% more than in May 2021.

Según Vance, “The demand for gold coins has also been consistent and has been boosted by the global market, while we can satisfy important orders of fractional currency orders (1/2 ounce or less) during this month”.

Between January and May of 2022the Perth Mint has sold a total of 440,813 ounces of gold, a figure of 15.8% lower there are 523,462 of them sold in the first five months of this year.

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