Bart Herrnstein named Entrepreneur of the Year

CHILLICOTHE— The Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce held its annual meeting Tuesday afternoon at Bell Manor where they recognized the best businesses in their membership.

This year the theme was “Breathe. Imagine. Excel.” Chamber CEO Mike Throne said the theme was meant to remind people to take a breath and relax after the last few years, imagine a new dream you want to accomplish then excel and make those dreams a reality.

Before the awards were passed out a social hour and dinner were held. This gave time for chamber members to mingle and catch up while admiring the designed tables sponsored and designed by local businesses.

Before the awards were handed out the Chamber recognized Doug Etling, a long-time Chamber photographer who died in 2021. Throne said Etling was more than a cameraman, he was also a great friend. Etling’s wife, Vicki, and son, Dustin, were there to accept the plaque made in his memory.

The Chamber also took time to give out two special recognition honors to those who have greatly impacted the community. Adena Health System was recognized for its leadership and community partnership. Carvel Simmons, founder and owner of Trio Enterprises, was recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and his work both inside and outside of Ross County.

Jade Berry, center, won Young Professional of the Year at the 2022 Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce annual awards.  During her speech Berry reiterated how much she loves being a part of Chillicothe.

For the Young Professional of the Year award Macey Power, president of the EPIC young professionals group, came to the stage to recognize someone who in their short time in Chillicothe has already made a huge impact. This award also helps to showcase young professionals who demonstrate leadership and are active in their community.

Jade Berry of The Stack and Life Ready Program accepted this award as she told the story of her life and how she made it to Chillicothe. She describes a God-sized pull that led her here.

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