Bharathidasan Institute of Management teams up with CMT Association to equip finance students for new-age job roles

Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM), Tiruchi, has joined CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program, paving the way for certification of aspiring finance students and professionals for new age job roles.

Selection for the program means a strong commitment to students’ career readiness and applied learning. Institutions in the Academic Partner Program demonstrate academic rigor in financial courses ranging from quantitative methodologies to behavioral finance, as well as portfolio management and other key aspects of technical analysis, Asit K Barma, Director, BIM Trichy, said.

“With this partnership, the two institutions illustrate an innovative solution to the growing demand for student education and career preparedness, while advocating for the advancement of technical analysis in India in finance domain. Technical analysis, which is a crucial part of investment and trading decisions. , has evolved over hundreds of years. While modern technical analysis retains its roots in classical observations of market behavior, it extends beyond pattern recognition to employ groundbreaking quantitative methodologies and rules-based trading-system design and testing, “Prof. Barma said, adding: “This is yet another initiative from our Financial Trading and Analytics Center (FINTRAC), the only one of its kind in Tamil Nadu as on date. The Center is open to other B Schools and Universities as well.”

VPSriraman, Area Chair of Finance and Economics said: “Combined with the theoretical knowledge being imparted through various courses in Finance and Economics area like Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, and Portfolio Management Practices, the CMT certification will give students a competitive edge in job market . It will also hone their technical skills to become independent market technicians. ”

According to Sadrita Deb, Assistant Professor (Finance), and Faculty In-Charge of the FINTRAC Lab, Technical Analysis is found everywhere in the stock market websites. It is being used extensively by floor traders, proprietary desk traders, and independent traders. It is used by hedge funds and other financial companies including investment banks. CMT certification will help our students diversify their career paths including new job roles.

Aditya SA, a current first-year MBA student who pursues an internship at Ernst & Young – GDS said his project focuses on interest rate simulation and derivatives valuation. “Given that I am from an engineering background, CMT modules will help me understand the basics as well as advanced concepts in futures and options, in addition to fundamental and technical analyzes of portfolios.”

MoU signed

BIM has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chennai-based School of Design Thinking, to establish a Center for Design Thinking on its campus.

The center established would aim to advance the practice of Design Thinking in the local ecosystem to identify new ecosystem value and to conduct research on the next practices in design thinking. The Center also aims at applying Design Thinking frameworks to functional areas such as Government Service Delivery; Sustainable Development Goals / Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance; and new technology applications across areas such as Finance, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain, and HR, Director of BIM Tiruchi Asit K. Barma, said.

The scope of the agreement also includes the execution of Design Thinking oriented programs and activities for BIM’s students, faculty and stakeholders to enable Design Thinking on campus.

“We endeavor to create a design-driven culture at BIM. Partnering with the School of Design Thinking and setting up our Center for Design Thinking will be a scholastic pursuit, research, and practice around Design Thinking. Not just Fortune 500 companies or marquee brands alone , we want to enable everyone in our local ecosystem to take advantage of Design Thinking to create ecosystem value leading to better products, better services, and eventually a better planet, “Prof. Barma said.

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