Billionaire Michael Jordan had ‘nightmares’ of gambling away everything prior to infamous 1st retirement

Bulls legend Michael Jordan once revealed his horrifying struggles with mental health ahead of his first retirement

There may be some who doubt it, but Michael Jordan is indeed the GOAT.

As you probably know already, his basketball acumen was absolutely stupendous throughout his career, to the point that multiple decades on, someone has still yet to convincingly surpass him.

But, along with the man’s basketball talent, also come his gambling habits.

MJ was hardly the type of man to play it safe with his money. Au contraire, he liked to take other people’s money so much, that he’d often gamble away millions of his own. And at one point in his career, more specifically, after the completion of his first ever three-peat, his habits perhaps started to become a major cause of worry for him.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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Michael Jordan admits to having nightmares about a horrible future ahead of himself

Given the amount of money he has, it’d have to be the understatement of the century to say that MJ has a few rich habits. He drinks expensive spirits, smokes Cuban cigars, and of course, likes to frequently put his money where his mouth is. And apparently, during a very bad period in his life, it caused him to have some very specific nightmares as well.

Here is what Michael Jordan had to say on the matter, as per Essentially Sports.

I’m an alcoholic in the dream, and because of it, all the things I’ve worked so hard for will be taken away. I woke up numb after those dreams. Those are the kind of dreams when you want to make yourself wake up, because they trouble you so badly.”

We couldn’t be more glad to say that his nightmares weren’t founded in reality. After all, he is now a billionaire.

But still, this puts a very important point into perspective that we as fans are often prone to forgetting. Athletes go through mental health problems too, and we must be more mindful in how we treat them.

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