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XPay. Life eyes expansion in Asia, Africa

Blockchain-enabled transaction framework ‘XPay.Life’ has announced its expansion plan in 15 more new states in India and as well as rest of Asia and Africa region. XPay.Life is working closely with the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and District Co-operative Central Banks (DCCBs) to help them bank better and enable true financial inclusion of the rural population with security and no disruption. XPay.Life works on three models – SaaS (Software as a Service) which includes their mobile app, PaaS (platform as a service) which includes their dynamic natured website & IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), which its mobile vans cover.

Deepak Ananth, COO, XPay.Life, said, “XPay.Life has penetrated more than 1 lakh villages in 108 districts across 14 states in India. The ‘Bank on Wheel’ program has 100 mobile vans traveling to the doorstep of the villagers on a daily basis. The anytime payment kiosk within the van enables quick payments for villagers at their convenience. Banks can also do various other activities like account opening, etc at the back of the vehicle where other financial awareness programs are also conducted.”

Pi Green Innovations receives an India patent for filter-less technology

City-based cleantech startup Pi Green Innovations has been granted the India patent for its filter-less technology ‘Carbon Cutter’. The patented Pi Green Carbon Cutter Technology is used to manufacture retrofit devices for diesel generators and heavy vehicles.

Pi Green Carbon Cutter, is a fully automatic, filterless solution that can be installed on diesel generators, heavy vehicles and industrial boilers to capture over 70 percent of particulate matter. The company filed for its India patent in 2017. The company also holds patents for Carbon Cutter in the USA, China, UK, European Union & Singapore. Irfan Pathan, co-founder and CEO, said, “We aim to make clean air accessible to all and with India’s patent we are a step closer to our mission.” Rizwan Shaikh, co-founder and chief invention officer, said, “Pi Green’s Carbon Cutter is a mix of some very basic scientific concepts with path-breaking innovation in the field of environment. Being granted the patents in India is a dream come true.”

Addverb opens software development center at Balewadi

Robotics and automation company Addverb Technologies inaugurated its new Software Development Center (SDC) at Panchshil Business Park in Balewadi High Street. The SDC will play a critical role in delivering digital platforms that will power robotic and automation solutions across global clients. Satish Shukla, co-founder, said, “Pune is a strategic choice for the new SDC as it is a manufacturing and warehousing hub and is close to Mumbai, which is the hub for major corporations. It is also a quality base for engineering and management colleges which would help us tap local talent working on technologies like AI, ML and Cloud. This center will deliver a wide range of software solutions for our customers across the globe.” The new center will have teams from across software development, IT support, IT infrastructure, automation, marketing, and business development. This new office comes on the heels of the recent opening of the world’s largest robot manufacturing facility in India after receiving $132 million in funding from Reliance Industries. The company will begin by housing 120 individuals, and by the end of FY23, it plans to employ 180 more individuals.

Kintree platform launched to bind families

Kintree Private Ltd has launched a platform to rekindle connections with the immediate family and extended family. The all-in-one social media platform for families serves as a valuable, user-friendly platform for anyone who wants to stay updated on important family developments while still maintaining complete privacy. A brainchild of Iftikhar Khan and Shyam Zaveri, co-founders, Kintree aims to cross the language barrier and promote connections across the globe. Khan said, “The seed for Kintree was sown when we identified a gap in accessing and reaching out to one’s extended families no matter where they are. Kintree serves as a unique and secure medium to discover and connect with one’s long-lost relatives, anytime, anywhere.” Shyam Zaveri, co-founder of Kintree, said, “The world is small! This becomes a quick reality when one starts using Kintree. If you are someone who didn’t even know the names of more than 20 percent of your family members, now they all can be pictured on a single screen.” The platform’s primary feature helps capture the spirals of family history in simple steps to create a family tree. Furthermore, Kintree provides a secure medium to exchange pictures and updates among family.

Quickshift launches QS Leap app

3PL e-commerce fulfillment and logistics company ‘Quickshift’ has launched an in-house application ‘QS Leap’ to streamline all processes for efficiency. The app will help with real-time order movement, reduced delays in order processing and critical delivery metrics for specific sensitive items like perishables, oils, jewelry etc. Anshul Saxena, co-founder, Quickshift said, “Right from the order being placed by a customer, to getting prompted at the warehouse where products are stored, to operations being arranged for packaging and dispatch, to nearest riders being assigned the order delivery, to customer receiving the order in time, payment of even COD being collected – this entire cycle is now managed, and updated real time on QS Leap. With customer delight at the core of all deliverables at Quickshift, QS Leap will provide a smooth delivery experience to all its clients.” The company operates across 29,000 pin codes across the country ensuring same-day and standard deliveries. The platform has been created on PHP and HTML/React with the updated tech stack including IONIC, MySQL and Linux.


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