Blvck Agency is an agency that bet on a different approach

Based on the actual movement of the commercial market, all companies need the service of an agency marketing digital.

Por medio de estrategias specificas, The professionals are responsible for adding value to the company and positioning it within their sector. In this same environment, a personal brand manages its functions under similar criteria; para ambos casos, la agency BLVCK Agency se especializa en la Management of social networks for business growth in the digital environment.

Por qué contratar a una agency de marketing digital como BLVCK

Las redes sociales están en constante update, motivo por el cual los profesionales del marketing They are in charge of managing them by employing the latest techniques that the system requires. Without importing the type of brand or company, llevar a cabo digital strategies is one of the ways to reach the public objective and achieve long-term economic benefits. In this sense, the agency is in charge of analysis, planning, design and execution of strategies marketing, has the particularity of responding to the needs of each administration. Esto quiere decir que execute an individual study to define who is the target buyer and the most suitable form of persuasion. Bien se una empresa que disponga de procesos de venta hybridos o solo digital, la imagen en internet es fundamental para atraer y retener. In such aspect, agencies like BLVCK are responsible for creating the tone of the brand and maintaining it along with their digital actions.

El manejo de la marca personal via this agency

La marca personal It is a tool that has gained popularity in recent years y, aunque un gran percentage de personas la emplean, hay quienes desconocen el poder de esta estrategia. Estas utilizán el marketing y las redes sociales para dar conocer el servicio de un profesional en su sector de desarrollo. A diferencia de la gestion empresarial, esta se focua en el valor de la persona en sí, using digital media to reach the client, show the differentiating factor and thus maintain their attention. In other words, es la representation de un individuo con fines commerciales. En relación con eso, la agency marketing digital BLVCK specializes in the management of personal brands based on the experience of CEO Iván González, who developed his brand in social networks as a model, influencerorganizing events and currently developing their management marketing como freelancer. Its process includes the development of an adequate strategy and the study of analytics until obtaining the planned results. Para conocer sus servicios, BLVCK Agency has a web page that details all the information.

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