Book Review: Release the Hostage

By Devndra Chawla

Release the hostage is a novel tool kit for young and upcoming Potential leaders who have a common aspiration but have different traits and background.

The writer has successfully draw personal life lessons, and reflections which are foundation block to future leadership traits.

The book covers in detail facets of personal traits and mind engineering which influence the leaders we are or want to be.

In one of the chapters Jagdish mentions listening with intent and listening to customer with his example at Airtel. Such examples and detailing of key leadership traits is very valuable to people on this journey. The books take us through logical steps of how the seed of leadership within us grows to become a tree and during the course how to take care of it. Therefore, this tool kit which Jadgish has created is relevant to all aspirants who want to be part of this journey. However, this guide is very relevant to younger people and young leaders.

The writer reinforces that starting of anything is with the dream, desire, awareness and attitude towards their future. The book dwells on how small events of one’s life are big lessons for your future. The first part of the book gives a good reflection and describes multiple tools on how early-stage leadership traits can be nurtured. Leadership is a journey and books make an impression on the attitude which is key to take it to the next level. Leaders have to be determined and they don’t give up irrespective of the task once they set their mind irrespective of the failures. This is one of the key traits to be imbibed to reach potential.

One part of the journey which the books discuss in detail is how the preparation of a bigger future can be done via Mind Engineering. The leader is the one who connects with his or her team very well and can drive them through large challenges. For that to happen how one must grow to Listen effectively and then translate it back with a purpose. This requires a focused mind, awareness of the surrounding ability to pace things for the right time. These skills are well captured with real life experience and powerful tools to constantly measure its success. This is going to be handy for many leaders who have great attitude but want answers to what drive results and success.

The later part of the book which peaks into what it takes to be a good leader and the values ​​to become a role model and continuously increase your Sphere of Influence. This part of the book has lots of reference from the writer’s own success and failures which makes it very adaptable. The things that make this book exciting is that it deals with things about not only how to reach your goals but also how to manage and handle them successfully. It takes a lot to reach and takes a lot more to stay successful.

The book has gone into depth of two key leadership agendas, one being the process of managing leadership and the second is about how leaders become role models. On the process part the book illustrates great examples to practice leadership more effectively and managing the VUCA ecosystem.

What this book guides to people at different levels of their leadership journey is that though the

environment is every changing but the leadership process which drives every individual through this is a robust and structured process and principles. It is based on key humane behavior of connecting more and listening with intent all the time. The leader has to trust himself and his team and this has to be a continuous process, as lack of trust or gap in communication will not deliver any result with rest being right. This glue ties the entire team to deliver unimaginable objectives.

Leaders who excel on the above two are not superhuman but they are people who are more aware, very focussed and demonstrate these values ​​more often than others. The book is a good reminder to every leader that a position of vulnerability is not a point of loss but a point of opportunity. The more you succeed the more you realize the value and the power of abundance.

Leaders who realize this more strongly also start being a guide, a mentor and a role model to future leaders.

The way the book has captured the leadership values ​​at the top, wherein the leader is in the sphere of creation and is starting to see and being a guide to people around within his sphere of influence and outside is very significant. This is the position in which all leaders aspire to reach and contribute back to society more than just their company numbers.

The number of tools used in this are also very valuable and handy. Finally summing up the coverage of topics in context to developing a holistic leadership view is the key highlight of this volume. From having a structure, to managing one’s own vulnerability and surrounding ones thinking by abundance to eventually maturing as a secure base is a full 360-degree coverage.

A great ready and a powerful toolkit presented by a successful leader himself.

The author is MD and CEO at Spencer’s Retail and Nature’s Basket.

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