“Bronny James can’t handle the damn ball!”: Billionaire LeBron James’ son is absolutely roasted by Reddit community, as fans come together to discuss NBA draft stock

LeBron James Jr. is a 4-star recruit out of Sierra Canyon.

While Bronny isn’t expected to reach the heights scaled by Pope James, he has been a highly recruited high school prospect in his own right. Bronny, aged 17, is set to be drafted to the league in 2024.

Bronny is listed at 6’3 and 180 pounds in the latest measurements. A combo-guard, Bronny has shown a variety of NBA translating skills and decent range as a shooter.

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With the NBA season coming to an end, high school games have taken center stage. Being LeBron’s son, Bronny’s games have been widely covered. Sierra Canyon also boasts other highly rated players, driving up their views.

Fans have taken online to analyze Bronny’s game. And one glaring flaw has been pointed out in Bronny’s game: sub-par ball-handling skills.

How have fans evaluated Bronny’s handle?

Using available footage, NBA Reddit has made various comments about Bronny’s game. While his size and frame at the guard spot and other skills have drawn plaudits, his handles have led to criticism.

Fan reviews suggest that Bronny’s handle is sloppy and mechanical. NBA Reddit is on a mission to find out how Bronny’s handles have failed him despite the exceptional training he has received.

Speculation from him just having bad hand-eye coordination to biomechanical reasons have been raised. The pressure of being the heir to the King is massive.

LeBron Sr’s handling and coordination at his size made him a generational prospect. However, that doesn’t seem to be the fate of Jr.

With a couple of years left for his draft, Bronny still has a lot of time to work his handles. Maybe getting Kyrie back at his pops’ side and some tips from Uncle Drew could help?

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