Can I dedicate myself to living as a trader?

Are you interested in the idea of ​​living as a trader? Existen muchos motivos por los que empezar a hacer trading y entrarse de lleno al mercado financiero. Whatever the reason that brought you up to here, it is important that you know some things before starting this journey. And yes sí puedes dedicate your life to trabajo de trader. In this post, we will know more details about everything that this involves and the great advantages that you can achieve.

Si quieres vivir como trader pensa en lo siguiente…

The best thing you can do is put your money to work. In this way, you will have the opportunity to pay your bills without problems and you will be able to attend emergency situations. In addition, there is also a need to highlight the fact that sometimes the major limitation to fulfill goals and other objectives is money, if you invest in trading, there will be no obstacles in this sense.

What goals can you consider if you invest in trading?

  • Asegurar una buena educación profesional para tus hijos.
  • Montar tu propio negocio, ese con el que siempre has soñado.
  • Increase your resources to achieve a worthy retirement in the future.
  • Augmentar la lista de patrimonios con la compra de pisos, casas y locales.

What should I study if I want to dedicate my life to trading?

With regard to the university careers that can lead to being a trading professional, we highlight the following. economy, administration and direction of companies, finance and mathematics. Y en caso de que quieras profundizar en cuanto al tema de las negociaciones, también puedes optar por realizar postgrados como. Banca y Mercados Financieros, or Bolsa y Mercados Financieros.

Sin embargo, es necessario highlightar un hecho… No es una obligación tener toda esta qualificación para poder ser un experto y profesional trader. Aunque el conocimiento es fundamental, también hay que considerar que puedes valerte de cursos online para ingresador en este mundo. So, no matter how old you are, you can start your investment when you want and how you want.

Importance of choosing a reliable trading platform

It must be considered that every investment is accompanied by risks and that in addition, if we are not careful at the moment of choosing a platform, simply we could lose everything in one open and close eyes. Hence the importance of choosing a reliable platform that is safe and that works legally. Pero ¿Cómo elegir entre tantas opciones? ¿Qué caracteristics buscar en una platforma trading?


Before starting any type of operation, it is imperative that you review all the guarantees that your trading platform offers. Y recuerda que aunque a simple vista parezcan parezcan tumadamana, ninguna de ellas está de más.


It is necessary that you keep clear that not all platforms offer ease of access. So make sure you choose an official site that allows you to enter it regardless of whether you have a laptop, a tablet or any other electronic device.

Cuenta Demo:

A key aspect that you must not forget is that the broker you choose must give you the option to open a demo account, with it you will have the opportunity to operate with fictitious money, without any type of risk at your own pace.


Diversifying your own capital in different types of assets will not only influence the profitability of your portfolio, but it will also help you reduce risks. Por eso, invierte en activos, como forex, acciones y criptomonedas.


Al empezar en el mundo del trading es posible que tengas muchas dudas, por eso, te recomendamos questa un brokers que tenga servicio al cliente todos los días del año y con una varietya de idiomas considerable, así que no esperses más y comizenza negociar.

Advantages of living as a trader

What do you think about living as a trader? There are no doubts that there are many options that you have when working in the world of online negotiations. Sin embargo, if you still have doubts about whether to dedicate yourself to it or not, we will talk briefly in this section about the advantages of being a trader.

Financial freedom:

We can say that this is one of the major advantages of living as a trader. Y al hablar sobre financier libertad no se refere only a contar con la liquidez suficiente para pagar las cuentas. Get this type of freedom means tener el control de tu propia vidaso you will have the opportunity to decide what to do when you want, how you want, without money being an obstacle to it.

Ingresos extras:

You yourself have the opportunity to decide what role you want to play trading in your life. Although it is true that we have talked about dedicating yourself to being a trader, it is also possible that you choose to invest in order to have an extra income. This option is also valid and you can manage it in a completely legal way, since this income is taxed like any other at a fiscal level.

Trabajo independiente:

Para convertirte en un profesionale en el mundo del trading no necesitas muchas cosas. Basta con que entes con un computerar y buena connexion a internet. In addition, when dealing with online media, you have all the advantages that remote work offers. So you will be your own boss, and you will have the power to decide when, how and with which asset to operate from any place.

Greater flexibility

There is nothing more pleasant in the labor world than establishing your own rules. So if you dedicate yourself to trading, you don’t depend on anyone. You yourself will decide when to enter and operate in the financial market. No necesitas de reglas, ni de horarios extensos de trabajo. And thanks to it, you can manage your time as you want, you can travel, share with friends and family when and how you prefer.

Desarrollo personal:

In online negotiations, you need to work with graphics, strategies and marketing. And thanks to that, you can even get to know yourself better. Although money and personal development have nothing in common for many people, reality is very different. Este trabajo te pone a prueba ante diferentes situaciones y emociones tales como. alegría, euforia, tristeza, avaricia… Y dueto a ello descubres y aprendes mucho más de ti.


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