Canyon schools postpone votes on health curriculum, book review policy

During Monday’s Canyon Independent School District meeting, board members decided to put off the vote on vendors for its health curriculum and its process for books to be removed from the classroom and school libraries. A key reason for the tabling of the measure had to do with newly elected board member Paul Blake and giving him time to get up to speed and study the issues related to the measures.

During the public address portion of the meeting, multiple speakers from the community attacked the morality and character of long-serving members of the board, with Superintendent Dr. Darryl Flusche being called out by name.

Local resident Carl Kinsey spoke about an alleged incident at Canyon High School during the spring semester, where a boy had reportedly gone into a girl’s restroom and was run out of the restroom by a teacher. He also alleged that the teacher was reprimanded for their action. He said the board had not done its job to protect girls in their school district. Kinsey spoke about policies at the district that were responsible for incidents such as this, but no specific policy was mentioned.

“I have been told that the Canyon Independent School District is a public school district and that every student will be protected, but what about the girls who were in that restroom when that boy went in there?” Kinsey inquired. “No, you did not. This district has proven that they will not protect your daughters.”

Carl Kinsey speaks to Canyon ISD school board Monday during its regular meeting about policies regarding safety of students.

Much of the public forum portion of the meeting dealt with some lessons and terminology in regard to the health curriculum and manner of teaching of health, including verbiage such as “pregnant person” rather than “woman”. The contention of some of the community commenters was that language such as this promotes an LGBTQ + ideology. Mental health programs and curriculum were attacked as an invasion, and not reflective of the core values ​​of the overall Canyon community by audience members.

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