Capital City suffers affordable housing shortage; ‘Tiny House’ development in the works

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – A major shortage of affordable housing is leaving hundreds of people without a home in Baton Rouge, according to the Capital Area Alliance for the homeless.

The Capital Area Alliance for the homeless is working to help develop more affordable housing in our area.

“Its so tough I can say nine times out of ten it has somebody getting murdered right now as we speak,” said homeless citizen Tory Henderson.

The trauma from living on the street is something Henderson is familiar with.

“With me being on the streets, I almost got shot, on a mistake about something that has nothing to do with me and that I don’t even know about,” Henderson said.

Henderson lost his home back in 2016, when the great flood hit Baton Rouge.

He says he’s been trying to get housing ever since and each day has been a struggle.

“What am I gonna do in between time? I still need things. I still need a roof over my head. What am I gonna do when it’s raining? Does anyone really care?” Henderson added.

Randy Nichols is the former executive director of the Capital Area Alliance for the homeless. According to Nichols, he’s seen the difficulties of trying to rehouse the homeless population.

“We need to look at a variety of solutions, there are homeless service providers that moved into the development of affordable housing,” Nichols said.

This issue doesn’t just affect people on the streets, but it can impact the economy, healthcare, and education. Nichols is hoping for more tools that can address this problem.

“We’re also working on a tiny homes project to try and build a development of small houses. That would be one answer to some of the chronically homeless people living on our street,” Nichols explained.

People like Henderson are still without a place to stay, waiting to see results.

“I don’t want to be like this for the rest of my life,” Henderson said.

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