Carbonear Heritage Society Honors Two Prominent Business Families

Some prominent business families who helped to build the town of Carbonear have been recognized with storyboards, prepared by the Carbonear Heritage Society.

The storyboards recognize the Udell and Fong families, both of whom ran long-standing businesses in the town.

Joseph Udell established a general dry goods store, J. Udell and Sons Limited in 1870. The business was passed on to Joseph’s granddaughters, Mary and Dorothy Udell – known as Molly and Dolly – in 1941. The sisters turned the business into a women’s and children’s clothing store under the name of M&D Udell Limited.

In 1997 the sisters were recognized in the Newfoundland and Labrador Business Hall of Fame.

The Fong family arrived in Newfoundland starting in the 1890s. Moo Sic Fong arrived in Newfoundland in 1897, followed by his son Davey and grandson Hayford. The enterprising family established a number of businesses in the St. John’s area before Hayford moved his family to Carbonear. He purchased a confectionary store and operated a dry goods business for a time before establishing a restaurant on Water Street. When the TC Square was built in the late 1970s, the Fongs moved their restaurant to the Main Highway from Water Street and expanded the business to include a motel. The business closed a couple of years ago.

The Carbonear Heritage Society says its next storyboard will feature the famous seafaring and fishing family, the Earles.

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