Celebrity Cruises Teams With Annie Leibovitz To Launch ‘All-Inclusive Photo Project’ Representing All Travelers

“You can’t be what you can’t see,” said Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund, in the documentary, Miss Representation, a decade ago. That quote was a real eye-opener, encouraging TV shows and movies to become more diverse. It also made companies realize that, in order to attract more customers, their marketing needs to be more inclusive.

Celebrity Cruises has taken that message to heart. They just launched an industry-elevating All-Inclusive Photo Project, with Annie Leibovitz and other acclaimed photographers, that has the power to change the face (s) of travel forever.

The stunning photos, which will be used in Celebrity’s marketing, showcase models, musicians, athletes, artists, advocates and activists on Celebrity ships and in some of the ships’ destinations. You’ll see Abby Chava Stein, the first openly transgender woman raised in a Hasidic community, basking in the sun on the Resort Deck; Amy Conroy, a three-time Paralympian, playing volleyball on a beach in Spain; John Forté of The Fugees, taking his first cruise with his family; and many more.

Besides Leibovitz, the other photographers involved in this groundbreaking initiative include Giles Duley, an English documentary photographer and a triple amputee; Naima Green, a Black, queer New York-based photographer; and Jarrad Seng, an Australian-based photographer, filmmaker and creative director of Malaysian-Chinese descent.

To give the campaign a broader reach, Celebrity has also created the world’s first diversity-focused free to use open-source travel image library for other travel brands to use in their own marketing efforts. This is a fantastic and important resource and I hope companies will take advantage of it to encourage people who may never have traveled before to go explore the world.

“For far too long, ‘all-inclusive’ in the travel industry has meant everything on your vacation is included in one price. We set out to challenge this conventional thinking by imagining the phrase through the lens of others, ”said Celebrity Cruises President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo. “What Annie and all of the talented artists involved in this project have captured so beautifully, is that for vacations to really live up to the marketing moniker ‘all-inclusive,’ then they should start by using images that are inclusive of all, not just a few. We want our marketing to represent how the world looks, and what we experience on our ships daily, as guests and crew from all walks of life work and play together to create a really special onboard environment. ”

You can check out the gorgeous photos that are part of the All-Inclusive Photo Project on the Celebrity website, where you can also book a cruise on the luxurious new Beyond, helmed by the country’s first female cruise ship captain, Captain Kate McCue.


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