Charging on Tesla Superchargers is 83% more expensive than a year – News – Hybrid and Electric

The rise in the price of energy is available to homes and companies throughout Europe. The cost of electricity is causing, among other things, that charging an electric car is now much more expensive than a year, especially if you use a fast charger on a public road such as Tesla’s Superchargers. The American company, which has the largest network of fast chargers in the world, has a lot to raise the prices of fast recharge, which is now more expensive than ever.

As a result of the increase in the cost of energy, Tesla has increased the price of recharges in Superchargers throughout Europe, including Spain. Despite the fact that our country has a more favorable position than other European countries (in France and MWh has become 8 times more expensive), it is not without problems. Yes, it is transferred to the consumer in all its forms.

At the beginning of this month, Tesla announced a low price on the Superchargers, the joy was short-lived. Now there’s a trip up and in Spain The average charge price in Superchargers is €0.55/kWh for Tesla owners (the price can vary between one Supercargador and another). For those who recharge a tram of another brand, the price of los Supercargadores amounts to €0.71/kWh.

However, users of an electric coach that is not Tesla can use the Superchargers at the same price per kWh as Tesla customers. Tesla offers the possibility of recharging at the same price per kWh if you pay a subscription of 12.99 euros a month. With this subscription, any electric coach can be recharged at €0.55/kWh in the Superchargers that are open to all coaches. In Spain, there are currently 19 parking spaces open to other vehicles on-Tesla, something less than the mitad.

The parking lots open to electric coaches that are not Tesla’s from Albacete, Alcobendas, Algeciras, Almaraz, Aranda de Duero, Ariza, Atalaya del Cañavete, Barbastro, Benavente, El Ejido, Fuenlabrada, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, La Seu d ‘Urgell, Murcia, Rivabellosa, Sevilla, Tordesillas and Zaragoza.

At the current price, a typical recharge of around 45 kWh (20-80% charge on a Model 3 Gran Autonomía) costs 24.75 euros. Once a year, recharge this same amount of energy from the coast 13.5 euros. A rise of 83% in just a few months.


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