Circular Economy Business Forum

A very interesting encounter

Circular Economy Business Forum. Forética has organized the quinta edition of the ‘Circular Economy Business Forum’. And he did it in the market place ‘Circle of Economy in Economy Group’. This is the most popular business platform in Spanish in this material and integrates more than 14 major empires. In the encounter there are abbreviated claves presentations and futures of the circular economy in Europe and in Spain. And the situation of the financial institutions that focus on financing the economic model has become a circular model.

In the actual context, the extraction and processing of resources due to biodiversity of 90%. In addition to looking at the effects of global inbound missions, this alerts the organization for cooperation and economic development (OCDE) in its Global Material Resources Outlook to 2060. Allows to reduce the effects of gas emissions in a 39%. All with the object of compiling the Acuerdo de París. And do not expect the temperature to rise more than 1,5 ° C to the final day. Tal y como se seala en The Circularity GAP Report 2022.

The moment of transformation

Because of this, the circular economy is actually positioned as the best antidote to the most urgent global issues. That is the climatic change and the degradation of the natural capital. As the preservation of the salute and the beast and the human heart. It has been created in the ‘Circular Economy Business Forum’. Organized an annual event by the group of Economics Circular Economics Group. They also noticed that there was always a big gap between the urgency of the model change and the available finances. And this is one of the biggest limitations in this transaction.

“The current ecosystem of public politics is new to Europe like Spain is a point of inflexion. Debe avanzar hackia a model economic more efficient with the planets and people. All in a context like the one that made the hoja de ruta ‘Visión 2050. The moment of transformation’. With systematic transformations clave in the name ‘Decade of Accident’. We go through transforming the manera into the ones we use the products and materials ”. Según destaca Ana Herrero, Director of Projects and Formatics Services.

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In the latest information published for the sake of formality, the brand of the Group of Companies has created innovation and financing like the two big circular transformations. For the enterprises that are involved in different strategies for the transformation of their processes, products and services. This study analyzes the importance of redistribution of financial resources by making a circular transaction. If ever there was a ponies seeking more information about Europe and, in Spanish, we could develop a verbal and sophisticated recuperation.

Flujos financieros

Elena Ruiz, Manager of the Group of Economics in Economics Circular de Forecast. “Todavía queda un camino por recorer para lograr esta la la redirección de flujos financieros. But in the current context we also have to think that the panorama financier vanqulado the circular economy is experimenting an important creation in the last days. And that position is like a fundamental element in the transition to a more economical economy.

This is something that is seen in the data. Since the beginning of 2020, the generating activities of the capital funds of the circular economy as opposed to just one input, have increased from 300 to more than 2,000 million dollars. It says, that it has multiplied for you ”.

The meeting ‘Circular Economy Business Forum’ organized by Foritika in the market of the Accord group has been held in conjunction with the intervention of Luis Planas, Assistant Policy Assistant in the General Coordination of the European Media Commission. Admiral de Margarita Ruiz, Subdirectora General de Economics Circular in the General Direction of Quality and Emergency Development of the Ministry for Ecological Transformation and Retro Demographic. And Isabel Vento, Responsible de Negocio of BlackRock in Iberia.

Gran participación

Además, has participated in the representation of the members of the group of Acción to share their visions, experiments and arrangements in circular economics at its proprietary organizations. Con Javier Alández, Director of Geocycle de LafargeHolcim, Delia García, Director of Sostenibilidad and RSC de L’Oréal y Candela Aldao, Responsible de Sostenibilidad de Mahou San Miguel.

Admirals Nieves Cifuentes, Responsable Corporate de Medio Ambiente de Naturgy, Pedro Ruiz, Specialist in Sostenibilidad Ambiental de Nestlé and Belén Aranda, Environmental Officer and Member of the National Board of Sostenibilidad de Airbus España. Paula López, Responsible de EDP Spain Circular Economy, Joan Escoté, Sustainability Manager de Epson Ibérica y Carolina Valdivielso, Responsible de Cambio Climateác y y Economía Circular de Grupo Antolín. Antonio Calvo, Director of Sostenibilidad de Redeia, Beatriz Aylagas, Responsible de RSC y Sostenibilidad de Ecoembes, Virginia Ocio, Head of Circular Economy Iberia de Endesa y Susana Alejandro, Director de Strategia y Desarrollo Corporativo de SAICA.

Punto de encuentro

The Group of Acquisitions in Economy Circular constituents the point of meeting empirical deals, concomitations and dialogues to increase the value of import modalities of circulating negotiations.

In the subsequent editions of the Accession Group presented a document. This includes a series of recommendations to accelerate the imperative accusation of a more circular Spanish in 2030. And there were three ejaculations that would create a model for the model that would allow an ecosystem to exist. The best of governance, the acceleration of accusation and the impact of impulses. Además, Forética published in the Group of Markets of the Information ‘Innovation and Financing: The Pillars for the Circular Transformation’ and ‘Circular Maximization for the Decade of Accession’.

The Group of Commons has also agreed to implement the new economic policy, with the following informations: Embrace the metrics and indicators, reflect on the circular business case of the circular economy, analyzing retos and opportunities in this environment, and collaborate with the WBCSD in the circle for CEOs on circular economics. Circular Economy Business Forum.

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