Clean Power Consulting Group Launches Its Solar Projects Developments Aimed at Boosting the US ‘Renewable Energy Usage

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Chicago, Illinois – (Newsfile Corp. – June 8, 2022) – Clean Power Consulting Group, a company that provides consulting services to clean energy companies announces that it is stepping up its efforts through a variety of solar project developments for EDPR. EDPR provides renewable energy solutions across North America helping businesses contribute towards a more sustainable future. Through this work, Clean Power Consulting Group is bolstering the US ‘energy independence, as well as helping its range of clients reduce their carbon footprint.

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, energy independence is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for US policymakers. Generating power on US soil through solar panels, alongside increasing usage of other renewable energy sources is being proposed as the optimum solution to this crisis.

Through its solar projects, Clean Power Consulting Group works closely with churches, universities, municipalities, and corporate entities. They help these clients incorporate solar and battery storage projects into their infrastructure. This, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint of these institutions and businesses, enabling them to contribute to the global advance towards decarbonization.

The recent Deloitte Global Turning Point Report demonstrates that if climate change is allowed to continue at its current rate, it could cost the global economy 178 trillion by 2070. Similarly, the most recent IPCC report showed that we are fast approaching our climate’s’ tipping point. . ‘ Clean Power Consulting Group is mobilizing the US ‘decarbonization efforts through its solar project development.

Clean Power Consulting Group’s work is at the forefront of a nationwide move towards solar power instead of depending on environmentally destructive fossil fuels. Today, more than 3% of US electricity comes from solar energy, and there is now more than 121 GW of solar capacity installed across the country – enough to power over 23 million homes.

Even for businesses and organizations that do not have sustainability targets at the top of their agenda, Clean Power Consulting Group highlights that introducing solar energy makes financial sense, as well as being environmentally beneficial. Since 2014, the average cost of solar PV panels has dropped by 70%, and this has been helped by a number of government initiatives. Solar panels also have a long life span and low maintenance costs; wind and solar power cost around a quarter of what it costs to obtain nuclear energy and around half that of coal. Solar energy has even been deemed the cheapest electricity in history.

Clean Power Consulting Group’s work is helping businesses and organizations to redirect their resources elsewhere by reducing their energy expenditure. As the Company’s founder, Tim Montague, emphasizes: “We are ready for the green revolution, and we have the technology to achieve it, as demonstrated through Clean Power Consulting Group’s solar project development for EDPR. We need more to realize the urgency of the global situation – we don’t need to increase our renewable usage next year, next month, or next week. We need to increase it today – solar energy will help us accomplish this. ”

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