Colin Kaepernick’s biggest multi-billionaire hater, Donald Trump, went back on his words to bolster his approval ratings

Donald Trump was the President of the United States from 2017 to 2021. He said that Colin Kaepernick definitely deserves another NFL chance ‘if he has the playing ability.’

Trump was the 45th president of the United States of America and served 1 term. He was replaced by Joe Biden in a controversial election process. Trump was highly unpopular due to his racist remarks and questionable exit from office. He is also a multi-billionaire, with an estimated net worth between $3 billion and $10 billion.

Trump made many openly sexist and racist remarks that did not sit well with many people. One of the many groups he offended were people of color.

Colin Kaepernick was a former quarterback in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers. He enjoyed early success in his career. In his first season as a starter and his second true season, Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. In his second season as a starter, he fell short in the NFC Championship Game.

After that, Kaepernick’s play on the field took a dive. Additionally, in 2016 Kaepernick started to kneel during the National Anthem. This was in protest to police brutality and racism that became part of the American system.

Later on in 2017, Trump revealed that he was strongly against this in a speech. He called the protesters ‘sons of b**ches’ and disregarded the movement entirely.

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As President, Trump revealed to the media that he supported Colin Kaepernick going forward

Fast forward to 2020 during the tail end of Trump’s first term as President. Trump’s approval ratings were very low due to mismanagement of the Coronavirus and more. Trump was then asked about Kaepernick claiming to get blacklisted out of the NFL.

Trump did not really acknowledge that the NFL owners were intentionally not giving him a chance. However, Trump did say the following:

“The answer is absolutely I would, as far as kneeling, I would love to see him get another shot but obviously he has to be able to play well,” he continued. “If he can’t play well, I think that would be very unfair.”

Some people would like to give Trump credit here for backing Kaepernick. Others disagree and claim that Trump’s support is empty and does not mean much. Actions do speak louder than words and this is one of the incidents.

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