Comedida, la startup que diseña, cocina y vivia a domicilio menús saludables

“Comer sano es simple”, es la maxima que defiende Comedida, the Valencian startup that designs, cooks and sends healthy menus for the whole week. Unos menús elaborated by profesionales de la nutrition, with seasonal and local products, packaged in returnable crystal bottles and repartidos en bicimensajería. A positive impact on the environment at all levels, 360º.

Comedida, in the phase of scale-up, has been selected to strengthen its growth in the entrepreneurial initiatives of the acceleration programs of the seventh edition of Col·lab, in the center of innovation Las Naves, of the City Council of Valencia
Andrea Antúnez is a nutritionist and director of the company, which started in 2019. The startup arose in his own consultation, after mucho años hearing from his patients the difficulties of following a healthy diet. “Uno de mis primeros empeños was giving them many ideas, recipes and tricks to follow easy-to-elaborate and attractive diets”, explained the founder of Comedida.

Con el tiempo, he decided to take action to facilitate this mission, and set up a workshop to send healthy recipes to the home. “De esta forma, ya no tienen excusa para comer sano y rico”, affirms the nutritionist. “En Comedida equilibramos menús y cambiamos el recetario cada semana. Los clients only tienen que dar el aproado final, por si quieren cambiar alguna cosa. Pero no tienen que estar pensando en qué eligen each semana, cómo lo organizan, lo elaboran…”, remarks Antúnez.

In addition, this commitment to people’s health should be accompanied by respect for the environment, because the company works with seasonal and local products, and has implanted the return system for containers in glass jars, as well as el reparto en bicicleta “Minimizamos a 0 tanto los residuos como las emissions de C02”, points out the director of Comedida.

Junto a su menú semanal, que puede contratarse en su web, the startup has designed an APP with simple tips and recipes to complete it in a balanced and easy way. Likewise, Comedida has impulsado alternative menus, like the “Keto menu”, based on the ketogenic diet, “ideal to carry an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, for fat loss and certain intolerances and autoimmune diseases that have recently been extended”, affirms the Nutritionist.

In these moments, together with Col·lab, the company strengthens its growth by diversifying its services with new menu lines and the offer of a “healthy pantry”, where it sells complementary products.

The founder of Comedida affirms that she is satisfied with the actual results of the company and with her participation in Col·lab, the accelerator of Las Naves: “It’s the moment to take another step, with everything we learned in the scale-up program. . I am very grateful to Col·lab and I know that I am in the right place and in the perfect moment.”

La Mission Climàtica en la Capital Verde Europea 2024

Valencia is currently working on the Valencia 2030 Climate Mission, the first mission of the Valencia 2030 climate innovation strategy, with the objective of converting Valencia into a climate-neutral city. In addition, the city is part of the 112 cities that the European Commission has selected as part of the “intelligent and climate neutral cities” mission.

The Climate Mission is one of the four priority areas of the project of Valencia, European Green Capital 2024, together with the improvement of the green infrastructure of the city, sustainable mobility and recovery of public space, and healthy food.

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