Company coming to Taylor County to create hundreds of jobs for displaced mine workers

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) – Sparkz was founded by Sanjiv Malhotra. In an effort to manufacture lithium batteries within the United States.

Malhotra said China was the predominant source for battery making due to the materials they had access to use.

He said by eliminating cobalt and nickel from Sparkz batteries. They were able to make the batteries in the states.

“I don’t just mean the finished product. Also the materials that go into making these batteries,” Malhotra explained.

The company was partnering with the United Mine Workers of America to recruit displaced mine workers. As he felt they had the skill set needed for this job.

“Safety is a big aspect of battery manufacturing. No one better than the coal miners who have been taught that. Yes, a little slippage here and there in safety could be a matter of a huge accident of life or death,” Malhotra said.

Sparkz chose Taylor County as they had the four things necessary for the company’s current and future needs.

Malhotra said these were a strong workforce, access to power/electricity, water and logistics.

He added that initially this would create around 350 new jobs in the area. He expected that to grow into the 1,000′s within the next few years, along with the expansion of the facility.

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