Comstock Bullion Demonstrates On Its Website How Real-Life Examples of Current Inflation Rate Are More Shocking Than Statistics

With an amazing revelation of the price of bread in silver value being closely the same as it was in 1890, the blog reveals the importance of saving and investing in precious metals in the article ‘Why Bread Should Cost One Dime’

In June of 2022, an associate of a large retail store was doing routine price changes. However, one price increase stood above others. In the automotive section, a five-quart container that was $ 24.47 rose significantly to $ 73.41- in just one day. While other containers of motor oil still remained at their old price, there was no doubt that they will all change once they adjust to market prices. For this retail store associate, it is not unusual to see price of items skyrocket by over 300%.

The economic jargon pertaining to inflation has begun to hit close to home, as customers walking down the aisle of a store now experience a deeper connection with this reality than they do seeing vaguestatistics such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Comstock Bullion is a website that is committed to educating individuals -in layman terms- on the fundamental concepts of topics such as inflation, its impact on daily life, and possible resolutions through its blog posts.

The far-reaching effects of inflation has motivated people to rethink their savings strategy in a bid to weather the biting storms of an unfavorable economy. Recently, the growing savings trend is by protecting one’s savings in precious metals or gold IRA since the value of saving in cash can be lost from inflation and hyperinflation.

On the Comstock Bullion website, the team encourages readers on the wisdom of keeping a sizeable portion of their life savings, retirement savings, or IRA in precious metals and investing in them. In addition, the site directs readers to companies that offer these precious metal IRAs. Brian Dutilley of Brian’s Rare Coins in Claremont New Hampshire espouses the ownership of precious metal. In his words, “I like to have physical assets, something that I can access at any time.” And for him, value is best stored in precious metals. The website hopes to educate forward-thinking people on the numerous advantages of opening precious metal IRAs, especially individuals who are nearing retirement.

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