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Mining is a fundamental industry for the Chilean economy, it represents 12% of the national gross domestic product and copper extraction in Chile is number one worldwide. GrupoTusMáquinascon su plataforma ArriendaTuMaquina, dedica el 85% de su disponibilità de equipos al cluster minero.

Considering that mining is the engine of the country and that one of its weaknesses is the contractor’s lack of access to quality machinery, two entrepreneurs with experience in innovation and construction founded GrupoTusmá, a marketplace that caters to the owners of machinery de todo tipo con faenas que las necesiten.

Nuestros equipos se usan para obras de los mining contractors and also for renewable energy works that their plants are doing in the north of Chile, y que su vez, their energy providers for the large minera and the medium minería”, he said. Jan Rusch, Co-Founder of Grupo Tus Máquinas.

Inicios de Grupo tus máquinas, es The first Marketplace specialized in machinery that connects the offer with the demand of machinery for renting, buying and financing in a simple, innovative and efficient way, rapidly expanding to Peru and Colombia.

Its creators are two engineers with ample experience, Frank Schürch, expert in the area of ​​construction and Jan Rusch, professor of innovation at the Universidad Católica. Both decided that it was time to revolutionize the machine market and inject technology into a fairly similar area but with great importance for Chile and the world.

The reception of the users was positive and the business continued to grow. It was like this, in addition to renting, today users can sell and buy inside the platform.

Nos dimos cuenta de que luego de solusencia el tema de los arriendos, it was important that the users could publish the equipment they had for sale and so they could match with those looking to buy a machine that best fits the needs of their projects. Conectamos directamente al comprador con el vendante”, commented Frank Schürch.

Marketplace global

Grupo tus máquinas It is a democratic platform that today reaches people from all over Chile and also expanded to Peru and Colombia with some of its operations.

Today he won 4 fondos Corfo que los ha ayudado to impulsar y hacer crecer este negocio. In addition, they received the “Innovation and Technological Development” Award from the German Chamber of Commerce and were chosen as one of the 50 innovative construction companies in the Contech Map (

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