Consulting Firm Jason Nyback Crosses Over $ 1 Million in Ad Spend on Facebook Since 2020

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2022 / Jason Nyback, a consulting firm specializing in client acquisition for coaches and consultants, has spent more than $ 1,000,000 over the past two years fine-tuning its Facebook ad strategy. The team sees this as a critical milestone for the company, with their training system now backed by over a million dollars in ad spend.

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Looking Beyond the Rolodex

This achievement comes at a troubling time for the industry, as most coaches have maxed out their personal networks in regards to attracting clients. According to founder Jason Nyback, “Almost everyone who is in their Rolodex or follows them online is either not interested, not ready for their services, or can’t afford what they have – and most coaches and consultants have no idea how to expand their client base beyond referrals or their Rolodex. If they can’t expand their client base fast enough, they will eventually go out of business. “

They need to attract clients that are looking for services that they provide, but have never heard of them before. According to the team, their goal was to free coaches from the clutches of the Rolodex and rescue them from the endless wait for referrals. They want to help coaches and consultants take control of their client bases and careers.

The Jason Nyback team tested hundreds of ad combinations, images, headlines, audience strategies, and sales funnel combinations to figure out exactly what works to attract “high ticket” clients. The team then developed its “Coaching Growth Accelerator” coaching system to detail every step of the process of how it profitably invested over $ 1,000,000 into Facebook ads to attract hundreds of new high ticket clients in the process.

Proving the Method

The team sees this milestone, and the resulting wisdom, as an important achievement for coaches and consultants everywhere, because the team believes that it should “do what we teach.” It serves as proof that the company’s proprietary systems can be very effective in attracting coaching clients. As explained by the company’s eponymous founder: “The only way we could have achieved this goal so fast was to be profitable through this process. The success of our business is proof of just how well these techniques can work.”

Their methods are based on up-to-date, real-world data – as they feel all marketing should be. Coaches need to stay aware of what is currently working to attract the kind of clients they’re pursuing. Consulting businesses are in a hyper-competitive marketplace; If they hope to rise above the crowd, they need to find ways to cut through the noise and get themselves in front of the clients who are ready to buy.

Helping Coaches Reach a National Client Base

The company also designed a template and proprietary system with the aim of enabling coaches and consultants to expand their local reach to a national level. Most coaches and consultants are only working in their local markets due to the fact that their network of potential clients is local in nature due to their offline relationship building. This is very limiting, causing problems in a recession or a down market that hits a local economy.

By leveraging its unique ability to utilize small ads based on extensive research and testing, the company has gained – or created – the knowledge and tools to reach a national market, bypass local market economies, and attract clients for coaches and consultants online.

The Jason Nyback Company’s Journey So Far

Jason Nyback began offering educational instruction in 2002, with courses covering more than 15 industries including horticulture, RVs, and martial arts. The company soon moved into the coaching sector full-time as the business developed and began to serve even more people. In 2007, the company began assembling a group of experts and specialists from Canada, the United States, England, New Guinea, and Australia to develop a high-level coaching support solution that incorporates years of expertise, diversity, innovations, and results. Using expertise-driven web marketing techniques, the company has been able to assist its clients in strengthening their businesses with demonstrable results and measurable growth.

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