CubaTargets Travel Agency: «We are trying our best for tourism in Cuba

The presentation of the COVID-19 and its impact on international tourism, the motors of Google keep registering thousands of viscous relays with disposability, alloys and destinations. Among them, the Cuban continent has seen a great deal of traffic.

Yadira Morales, CEO of CubaTargets Travel Agency said that the agency does not allow solicitors to take advantage of visitors to the island: Includes bajo restricions. This is a prototypical prot paragra for when the epidemiological esophagus is more favorable than », señala.

CubaTargets Travel Agency. La Habana.

CubaTargets, to say that there are many traditional means of communication, has seen that transformer in its practice has reduced the pandemic. In 2020 our site was renovated and hoy displays a platform of reservations in linear, automated real time, and a metabuscador; Hermes that allow clients to save all the services they want from the comfort of their home in a few hours.

Morales assumes that all the facts are electronics and can realize this from now on. M We want to introduce the intermediate and practicality of an online reservation with personalized attention by our specialists. We join our clients from the first moment they create their reservations and are protected by a dedication to professional profiles, the maneuvers that only take care of the important: disrupt your travels, even the specialist.

CubaTargets Travel Agency. Varadero.

CubaTargets Travel: a memorable and memorable experience

CubaTargets nació in 2017 as a receptive tourism agency in Cuba, and more often extends to other destinations such as Cancún, San Vicente and Granadinas, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. When the principal meets in Miami, Florida, there are two coordinates that hack all the destinies of the world, even though the Caribbean is always on its way.

The agency manages, aggravates, transportation and excursions, like commuters and cruisers. Most of its services are designed for families or groups of friends who want to have an exclusive experience, with a lot of comfort and personalized attention.

CubaTargets Travel Agency. Trinidad.

«We host our clients in hotels and villas in Lujo, and we hope that you can enjoy transfer and service privacy services at your own expense. In this case, the visitor will encounter a lot of men with the contagion of COVID-19, and may discover the lugars of their interns with more detail, at his own prophetic ritual, which will sometimes be more difficult in large groups of excuses, conformados por varias familias », explica Morales.

Preserve the salutations and security of the passengers is a premise that this agency is active in all poles of its opera, because it also recognizes its clients respecting the requisitions and sanitary protocols present in the rooms they visit. CubaTargets offer, love, support and information for those who want to be able to learn without having to worry about their likes and dislikes.

For June, July and August, the agency is promoting special offers for the Dominican Republic with all its blessings from Miami.

«Sobran razones to visit Cuba

CubaTargets Travel Agency. Viñales.

The culture, its gente, its image in the time of the arrival of Cuba in a particular event that converts into one of the most interesting attractions of the Caribbean and the international tourism.

Un There is a part that has everything: history, music, dance, religiosity, gastronomy, plays, passages, patrimonies… and the list is just the same », says Yadira Morales rincón del país. This is, then, one of the motivations that inspires aids to discover others.

The agency organizes excursions to popular cities like La Habana, Viñales, Soroa, Las Terrazas, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Varadero. Promises, adventures, experiments like snorkeling in the play and cost, excuses and caballo, as como tours Specifications for the gastrointestinal tract.

Un Even though we have specified specific destinations that are more solicited, our services are completely flexible and personalized to the client’s medium, which is why the desi can find a prince or something else. a lo largo de la Isla », asegura Morales.

CubaTargets Travel Agency. Trinidad.

The secret of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States during the mandate of Barack Obama and Raúl Castro, the curiosity of the extras by converting one of these destinies of the Islamic Republic exponentially. The appearance of direct live from distant cities of the world, the arrival of crucifixes in La Habana and the frequency with which it was reported in Cuba and the international media communication that motivated millions of tourists to visit the country in 2015 Considerable Iranian tourists visit estates, for those who visit Cuba había estado practically vedado hasta entons. In the middle of the restorations in vigor, many of the continents of the world are waiting for a visit to this place but it is not cherished and, at the same time, not disconnected for the elves.

«If the normalization of the line re-emerges at the point in the next Barack Obama’s day, there will be a great opportunity for more EEs. UU. If you want to visit our island, it will be indispensably important for everyone. The tourism status quo has a lot of respect and love for Cuba. The ciphers of this procedure will not be available in 2016, and the CubaTargets Travel Agency will meet you to report this travel report, which we consider the most frequently received, as it is not available directly.

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