Datanomic, the startup that wants to strengthen companies of the region with solutions of “open banking”

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We cannot hide that the world has entered a kind of state of prevention with respect to what the experts consider the next great economic recession, which will touch its peak at the end of 2022.

If we talk about entrepreneurship, this has also started to impact the ecosystem of Latin America, with a decrease in the number of investments and layoffs in various startups con inversiones millionarias. Por supuesto, there are still interesting movements, but investors have started to be more cautious and inject money mainly into companies that have a clearer view of the future.

Las empresas tradicionales no se escapan a esta época de incertidumbre, y ha llegado el momento de que estas sean más efficient con sus finanzas y minimizar cualquier administrative error que represente pérdidas.

Por estos días en los que es común hablar de terms como ‘fintech’, ‘open banking’ y ‘open finance’, it is worth mentioning that this last one could be the key to the development of the market in an emerging region like Latin America, which a pesar de los notables avances todavía es bastante vulnerable before a global economic crisis.

“El Open Finance is not a product, neither is it a technology or an infrastructure”, says Gonzalo Strauss, co-founder and CEO of Datanomics, a Uruguayan open finance fintech that is fully expanding in Latin America and that is preparing for its arrival in Colombia. “Es un concepto con el que se van a basar nuevos productos, servicios, tecnologías e infrastructuras”.

Teniendo en cuenta that the majority of solutions fintech de la región han enfocado sus effojados es mejorar la parte del usuario -que es algo bastante importante y necesario-, la startup Datanomic was born less than a year ago with the idea of ​​creating solutions completely directed to companies, allowing through an API no-code that absolutely all businesses, including small and medium enterprises, can integrate their financial information. In its first seed round, the company obtained $6 million in financing, which will allow it to expand its expansion in the region for the rest of the year.

Mientras que las fintech startups the region has a large representation of countries like Mexico and Brazil, the reality is that in the rest of the countries greater financial inclusion is needed, but not only for the final users. Las empresas also have enormous challenges to solve and from Uruguay, where Datanomic was born, its creators Gonzalo Strauss and Sergio Fogel hope to be the solution that brings greater opportunities to businesses at the financial level.

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