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DELTA (SOYBEANS/COTTON): Spotty showers carry from the holiday weekend into the middle of this week, but amounts are generally low. The showers are helpful where they occur, but the reduction in temperatures was more significant as recent heat has been very stressful for developing cotton and soybeans. Heat will return this week, which will be concerning for crops in areas that are getting missed by the showers. A front over the upcoming weekend provides some hope for meaningful showers.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST (WHEAT): With good soil moisture in the region, near to slightly above normal temperatures are welcome. However, no significant showers are forecast for the next couple of weeks. No showers combined with temperatures well above normal next week mean good conditions will be decreasing.

BRAZIL (CORN/WHEAT): Favorable weather continues for both corn harvest and wheat development overall. Periods of showers will move through Rio Grande do Sul this week, while dryness continues further north. Some wheat in other states could see some stress developing.

ARGENTINA (WHEAT): Dry conditions continue in the country’s wheat regions in the south, unfavorable for establishment. A few showers may move through at times, but amounts are likely to be very low and soil moisture continues to slowly decline.

CANADIAN PRAIRIES (LIVESTOCK/WHEAT/CANOLA): Western areas have seen increases in soil moisture that have been very favorable while eastern areas remain too wet. More systems this week will keep the region’s shower chances active.

Conditions will continue to be mixed for a while, favoring the west over the east, including with temperatures.

EUROPE (WHEAT/CORN): Concerns remain for eastern Europe spring crops due to the current heat wave, but showers and more normal temperatures later this week offer a break from the stress. These showers in eastern Europe this week may interrupt the harvest of winter wheat and other winter grains. Long-term dryness is still a concern across the west as precipitation looks to be sparse or nonexistent this week and next week. Farther south, Spain and Italy remain too hot and dry for summer crops nearing reproduction.

BLACK SEA (WINTER WHEAT/CORN/SUNFLOWERS): Showers are becoming very isolated and the hotter and drier conditions are causing more concerns for corn and sunflowers. The weather will be more favorable for maturing winter wheat and harvest, however, as that starts up soon. A system for the upcoming weekend looks to provide showers and a temporary break in the heat, but the benefits may be limited.

AUSTRALIA (WINTER WHEAT/CANOLA): Despite some recent dryness, the country’s growing regions are still on track for an excellent wheat and canola crop this season. After the rain last week, the northeast will see mainly dry conditions for the next several days. Later this week and parts of next week frontal systems will bring a chance of showers to the southwest and southeast.

Midwest (corn, soybeans and winter wheat)


West: Isolated to scattered showers. Temperatures above normal.

East: Mostly dry south and isolated to scattered showers north. Temperatures above normal.


West: Periods of isolated to scattered showers through Saturday. Temperatures above to near normal through Saturday.

East: Periods of isolated to scattered showers through Saturday. Temperatures above normal through Friday, near to above normal Saturday.

6- to 10-day outlook: 6 to 10 day outlook: Mostly dry east and isolated to scattered showers west Sunday. Mostly dry to isolated showers Monday-Thursday.

Temperatures near normal Sunday-Thursday.

Central and Southern Plains (winter wheat/corn/livestock)

Summary: Mostly dry to isolated showers. Temperatures above normal.

Forecast: Periods of isolated to scattered showers through Friday, mostly north. Partly dry to isolated showers Saturday. Temperatures above normal through Saturday.

6- to 10-day outlook: Mostly dry to isolated showers Sunday-Monday. Isolated to scattered showers Tuesday-Thursday, mostly north. Temperatures above normal Sunday-Tuesday, near to above normal Wednesday-Thursday.

Mississippi Delta (winter wheat/soybeans/cotton)

Summary: Isolated showers. Temperatures near normal.

Forecast: Isolated showers Tuesday-Wednesday. Mostly dry to isolated showers Thursday-Saturday. Temperatures close to above normal through Wednesday, above normal Thursday-Saturday.

6- to 10-day outlook: Isolated showers Sunday-Monday. Partly dry Tuesday.

Isolated showers Wednesday-Thursday. Temperatures close to above normal Sunday-Thursday.

Brazil Soybeans and Corn…

Rio Grande do Sul and Parana…

Summary: Isolated showers far south otherwise mostly dry. Temperatures above normal.

Forecast: Isolated showers far south Tuesday-Wednesday. Isolated showers south Thursday-Saturday. Temperatures above normal Tuesday-Saturday.

Mato Grosso, MGDS and southern Goias…

Summary: Mostly dry. Temperatures close to above normal.

Forecast: Mostly dry through Saturday. Temperatures close to above normal through Saturday.

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