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CLERMONT, Fla. (PRWEB) May 19, 2022

With the launch of this newest blog entitled “Staff Claims Adjuster vs Independent Insurance Adjuster… Are They Different?”, Educational Services & Consulting announces the conclusion of their latest blog series where they discuss job roles of independent insurance adjusters and staff claims adjusters. Posted on May 13, 2022readers can take a deeper dive into understanding the true differences in the roles of an independent insurance adjuster and a staff claims adjuster.

Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Natalie Zimmermanstated “We are excited to have featured this series on our website. With inflation on the rise, many people are looking at ways to increase their income. Working as an accredited claims adjuster can be very fruitful. For those who don’t mind working remotely they may prefer the route of an independent insurance adjuster while those who prefer less travel and to work with a single insurance company, they may opt to work as a staff claims adjuster. There are options. We help individuals get started with a career. as an accredited claims adjuster which is the first step to getting started in the industry. ”

Within this final blog readers will learn about the job functions for the independent insurance adjuster and the staff claims adjuster. Readers will also learn about the work environment for each. For example, the staff claims adjuster will typically work in an office setting and typically will not travel, compared to the independent insurance adjuster who travels. This person typically services claimants in a geographical area that is often hit by major storms and will handle possibly hundreds of claims in a specific territory. When the claims have all been evaluated and filed, the independent insurance adjuster will travel to a new region to help new claimants.

Another difference readers will learn about is how these two types of adjusters are compensated. The staff claims adjuster is paid by the insurance company they are employed by whereas the independent adjuster is on a contract basis with different insurance agencies. The independent adjuster is paid on a percentage fee schedule based on each claim closed.

Educational Services & Consulting welcomes readers to visit their blog series to learn more. There are three blogs within the series including:

“What Does it Mean to Work as a Staff Claims Adjuster?” posted on April 11, 2022

“What Does it Mean to Work as an Independent Insurance Adjuster?” posted on April 21, 2022

“Staff Claims Adjuster vs Independent Insurance Adjuster… Are They Different?” posted on May 13, 2022

Educational Services & Consulting offers two online designation courses for people looking to further their careers. Their 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA) designation course is a 40-hour online course with a final exam. Earning this designation allows candidates to by-pass the State of Florida exam and apply directly for their All-Lines Adjuster license. Having this license enables people to work on claims associated with homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, property insurance and much more.

In addition to their 6-20 ACA designation course, Educational Services & Consulting also offers their 4-40 Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR) designation course. This course is also a 40-hour online course with a final exam at the end of the course. As with the ACA designation, once students take the RCSR course and pass the final exam they will be exempt from taking the Florida state exam. Students can take either final exam up to 5 times within the 60 day time allotment without accruing additional charges.

Zimmerman adds “Based on the vision of our founder, my Aunt Connie McChesney, we strive to provide the best educational experience and services to our clients to help their employees have successful careers. Our online learning environment offers flexibility for the mature person looking to grow their career while maintaining their personal obligations. “

Educational Services & Consulting is headquartered in Clermont, Florida at 4327 South Highway 27, Suite 204, Clermont, Florida 34711. To learn more about enrolling in their ACA or RCSR designation courses, visit online at or call 1-800-309-2549.

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