El intercambio de divisas y su impacto en el trading

Impact on the Commercial World

Las monedas se negocian en el mercado de divisas, a veces conocido como mercado forex. Given that it is the largest financial market in the world, with trillions of dollars negotiated a day, many people opt for it operar en Forex:.

It is the most liquid of the markets of the financial world. In addition, in the currency market there is no central currency exchange market. In all major economic centers, the main currencies are exchanged, and the forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week.

El: currency trading: in the FX market, it involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of two currencies. The value of a currency (base currency) is determined by comparing it with another currency (counterpart currency). The exchange rate is the cost of changing one currency for another. Consequently, the demand and the offer are closely linked in the foreign exchange markets, since a person or company that needs one currency must also offer another, and vice versa.

The initial demand for currencies was driven by the need for merchants to count on foreign currencies to liquidate their operations. Sin embargo, the currencies are bought and sold more and more with the purposes of coverage, arbitrage, speculative gain and needs of commerce and investment. Consequently, financial flows, more than commercial ones, are the main determinant of exchange rates.

Mucha gente se despreocupa de los tipos de cambio, ya que rara vez necesita hacerlo. The average citizen lives his daily life in his own money. The types of exchange are only relevant in exceptional cases, such as overseas travel, import payments or overseas remittances.

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The currency market is divided into two sectors. the retailer and the institution. Los pequeños individual operators constitute the majority of the retail sector, and this market has no significant economic consequences. El mercado institución, en cambio, has some important economic consequences.

This sector includes all the great financial actors that shape the economy. Las grandes institutions are in charge of granting loans and, in consequence, repercuten en la economy.

To prosper, the economy depends on institutional forces of offer and demand. Although this market has no direct impact on the economy, the implications of trade in the market can be felt.

Currency trading affects the economy both in the short and long term. La: actividad económica: determines the demand of a determined currency, which in turn affects the value of the same.

The economy will grow if the coin has a constant demand due to a greater tourism or an increase in the income of the articles produced. Sometimes short-term modifications are required, especially when the need has been latent for much time. Los países que se centran persistentemente en adder valor a sus products obtenien buenos ingresos en divisas.

The elections usually lead the list of events that move the market. Sin embargo, apart from geopolitical events, like the elections, ordinary economic statistics, like the PIB and the commercial balance, can considerably influence the exchange rate of a country. Por lo tanto, para ser un buen currency trader, primero hay que estudiar cómo afectatan los acontecimientos mundiales al mercado de divisas.

Oscillations of currencies are an inevitable result of floating exchange rates, which are the norm in most large economies.

Exchange rates are influenced by various factors, such as the economic results of a country, inflation expectations, interest rate differentials, capital flows, etc. In addition, the strength or weakness of the underlying economy usually determines the exchange rate of a currency. Therefore, the value of a currency can fluctuate from one moment to another.

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The currency markets are really global, and more important than any other market of values. Por tanto, al considerar la renta variable y su impacto en los mercados extranjeros, hay que pensar en todo el mundo. Consequently, the ideal organizations to examine are those that have international operations and negotiate in multiple currencies.

The commodity market can also be beneficial for the currency market. Let’s think about oil, the most important raw material in the world. The global oil price is denominated in US dollars. Por ejemplo, the cost of petroleum can increase when the value of the American dollar falls in relation to the main world currencies. As a result, the oil price must be increased to equal the price that other foreign countries pay in their national currencies. Although other world commodities offer a comparable vision, oil is the most critical raw material in foreign exchange markets.

The fundamental hypothesis is that when a national stock market goes up, so does the trust in that country, which causes an entry of cash from foreign investors. This tends to increase the demand of the national currency, making it increase its value in relation to other foreign currencies. A la inversa, the confidence of investors falls when the national stock market has a bad behavior, which forces them to convert their invested funds into their own local currencies.

As a currency trader, you spend a lot of time analyzing fundamental and technical data. But, have you ever met an operator who is also interested in the stock market? Have you seen how they analyze stock prices? What do you think? No se equivocan. The currency pairs of the foreign exchange market are sometimes sensitive to the evolution of actions. Los mercados de divisas y de valores son dos mercados financiers distintos. A pesar de ello, pueden show coordinados movimientos, que el observador casual puede pasar por alto.

Sin embargo, algunas correlaciones entre las divisas y las actions pueden meriter la pena a nivel individual. Por ejemplo, las grandes empresas que cotizan en bolsa con una importante exposure a las divisas pueden ser objetivos adequados para una strategía de relación entre divisas y ácios. Sin embargo, a fundamental study and a technical analysis would be needed to support the adoption of said correlation in its negotiation or investment strategy.

Suele ser conveniente que los operators busquen correlaciones con varios mercados financiers. Although the correlations are not the todo and the end of the currency trade, they can provide an overview of the fluctuations in the exchange rates. And fortunately for active currency operators, these connections can effectively predict the future behavior of prices. It is a beneficial information to make commercial choices. Sin embargo, it is fundamental to recognize that the correlation is not guaranteed and should not be done by sitting.


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