El risego necesario para hacer trading

Before starting to invest, it is necessary to define our risk profile to define which type of assets are best suited to us. To do trading, it is necessary to have an aggressive investment profile, because the risk of our investments suffering temporary losses is very high.

The first step before starting to invest is always defining our investment profile. Porque con ese analysis done, podremos decidir with greater clarity which are the assets that adjust mejor to our desires, conocimiento y experiencia.

En finanzas personales se clasificada normalum cada inversor en 3 perfiles de riesgo diferentes.

  • Conservative:
  • Moderated
  • Aggressive (mayor riesgo)

Saber a cuál perteneses will depend on the specific circumstances of each person.

But, what profile is required for trading?

Conservative profiles are normally associated with investors who don’t want to expose their capital to market volatility.

They are not ready to see their portfolio losing a few moments in exchange for greater gains.

Este perfil no tiene tolerancia al riesgo, normally su conocimiento sobre inversiones es básico o tienen poca experiencia. Their income is low, they have a high level of debt and their capital depends purely on work.

They don’t have stable and diversified incomes, they are older people and they prefer short-term investment. Es normal que no tengan tiempo ni conocimientos para invertir.

A este tipo de profiles no les recomendaría hacer trading because the stress that generates them would be difficult to tolerate.

The moderated profiles are people with more stable income and not close to retirement.

Tienen una tolerancia al riesgo media en donde de manera equilibrante están disposados ​​a usumir algunas pérdidas no muy majores, pero cambio quesieran obtener majores ganancias.

It is possible that they are in the process of forming capital.

Those people who have explored the world of investments and although they are not experts, they understand that some assets can fluctuate downward and they must have patience to recover their investments.

There are no persons very indebted and it is possible that they prefer to invest more than a year.

This type of profiles can begin to approach the world of trading without exposing more than 10% of their capital to it.

Son novices que pueden arnender a hacer trading, pero aún no se dedicarán a diversirar labores e ingreso en la bolsa.

There are no people who could live in trading -for the moment- but they could learn from it.

Los profiles de major riesgo are typically preferred by trading platforms to make speculative operations.

They are people with high tolerance to risk, preferably with diversified and stable income, with high accumulated capital, young age, with a long-term horizon, who already have experience in investments and have learned to manage their money.

This type of person should not put more than 50% of their portfolio in high risk speculative products to trade. Pero, por el perfil, pueden dedicarse to hacer operaciones speculativas en la bolsa.

The person’s own desire to operate an asset of high speculation does not modify the risk profile of the investor, if he is moderate or conservative.

Assets that have a lot of popularity like Forex or Cryptomonedas should not be operated by all investors, even if they wanted to.

Its volatility and leveraging is so high that it is recommended for high risk profiles not to invest more than 25% of their excess capital available for investment.

It has been an error to involve investors without the adequate risk profile to make trading operations.

El perfil de riesgo is personal, non-transferable and never comparable with other people. Each person has unique economic circumstances and a relationship with their own money.

Council: revise your risk profile once a year, it is possible that your conditions have changed and you no longer have the same profile that you usually use when investing. Never forget it

Andrés Moreno Jaramillo

To: El Inversor Diario

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