Elon Musk roasts Tesla rival’s lesser car sale with ‘mean’ Twitter post, netizens can’t stop laughing


Elon Musk roasts Tesla rival: You must have heard about concepts like sportsman spirit, sugarcoating and healthy competition, but do you expect the same of tech giant Elon Musk. Probably not. After all, he’s a man of many words, wit, quirk and mean Twitter posts. He lets no opportunity go amiss when it comes to rating his completion or showing off what Tesla and SpaceX have achieved.

Barring any filters, yet again, Musk took a jibe at Lucid Motors as the rival electric vehicle maker shared its revenues have dipped drastically. It shared that lowering the production guidance from 12,000-14,000 to 6,000-7000 and the revenues too took a dip to $96 million in compared to the estimation of $147 million. Elon Musk was quick to react to it. “I had more kids in Q2 than they made cars!” he wrote.

Musk’s comment has left netizens in splits. While some are finding it funny, there are some who think that a little mean of him. Sample some of the tweets here:

Meanwhile, Tech billionaire Elon Musk has filed a countersuit against Twitter as part of an ongoing legal dispute with the microblogging platform over his abandoned $44 billion takeover deal. However, the lawsuit is not yet accessible to the public and a partially redacted version may be available soon under court rules.

It was not clear why Musk asked the court to keep details of his countersuit confidential when the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had been vocally critical of Twitter on social media and in press interviews in recent months, CNBC reports.

The tech billionaire terminated the $44 Twitter takeover deal because he did not believe what CEO Parag Agrawal told him about the current number of bots on the platform.

When Musk threatened to scrap the $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal, the micro-blogging platform revealed that it is suspending more than 1 million spam accounts a day.

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