Elon Musk tattoo: ‘Elon Musk’ tattooed on forehead: Brazilian man takes extreme step to grab billionaire’s attention

A Brazilian influencer took an unusual action to grab Elon Musk’s attention. Rodrigo America got the name of the millionaire entrepreneur tattooed on his forehead, right next to a rocket tattoo. According to The Metro, the Brazilian influencer considers Musk one of his inspirations and wishes to participate in SpaceX’s 2024 Mars journey. Getting Elon Musk’s name in giant letters tattooed on his forehead was America’s way of volunteering for the voyage to Mars.

Rodrigo America praised Musk as an inspiration when speaking to local news outlets after receiving a forehead tattoo, one of several he had. America informed local news stations that what Musk was doing and what he would accomplish, sending humans to Mars, would go down in history. He is a source of inspiration for me, America said. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, became the first private company to carry people into space in 2020.

Musk has recently made headlines for his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. He has made significant modifications to the social media behemoth since assuming control, which has sparked controversy among users. One of his first acts as Twitter’s owner was to dissolve top leadership, which was followed by mass layoffs that reduced the workforce by nearly half, the end of work from home and many employee benefits, and a warning to the remaining employees that they would have to put in intense work and long hours.


  1. Who is Elon Musk?
    He is a successful businessman and investor.
  2. How did Elon Musk become so wealthy?
    Elon Musk became a billionaire in 2012, joined the privileged club, and topped the list just nine years after he joined.

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