EMPRESA / TraderPRO Mastery, one of the best trading courses in Europe

La compraventa de actives como cryptomonedas, actions, mercados futuros y divisas es la base del trading. These operations have the purpose of increasing invested capital and obtaining profits. This activity, little by little, has expanded and popularized, thanks to technological advances. But, para poder seguir una estrategia determinada y vivir del trading, es fundamental contar con formación.

In this sense, the Área de Inversión academy offers the TraderPRO Mastery, which is endorsed by the Florida Global University of the United States. The title that gives the training imparted by this academy of trading España is official and has the apostille of La Haya. The program is considered one of the most powerful in the area of ​​trading in Spanish.

Characteristics of the master TraderPRO Mastery

This program has been awarded as the best formative cycle in finance in Europe in 2022. At the same time, the academy has been recognized as the best educational institution in this area. In part, these recognitions are related to the achievements obtained by the students who attend the TraderPRO Mastery, since 87.3% obtain positive results in the long term and demonstrate a stable consistency in the market.

Through this master, students acquire a systematic investment methodology. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to realize a joint work with the professors. In addition, the Investment Area encourages the progressive growth of each student, so that they can achieve profitability in the shortest possible time. All classes are live and in direct contact with the teachers.

TraderPRO Mastery is a very demanding course that has limited spaces. Por lo tanto, it is necessary to pass a pre-selection interview, after which the Investment Area chooses the most engaged profiles.

Las 3 fases de TraderPRO Mastery:

This master is composed of 3 phases that can be completed in a period of between 2 and 4 months each. During the first lesson, students acquire basic knowledge of algorithmic trading and have a series of individual mentorships to raise questions and resolve questions. In addition, they begin to operate in the trading room of the Investment Area.

The objective of the second phase is to learn to operate like the institutions, which are the investors who direct the tendencies of the market. Finally, in the third stage, the objective is that the students get a capitalized account to be able to invest in the market. They must also pass a 10-day foundation test. Once the master’s is finalized, all have a period of one year of follow-up in which they can make periodic calls to resolve doubts.

Through the Área de Inversión, a reference trading academy in Spain, it is possible to train to be able to operate in the markets like a professional and obtain profitability in the short and long term.


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