‘Entreprenurse’: How do these Filipino nurses start their business without any experience?

  • There are 450,000 nurses and midwives in Australia which is the largest sector of healthcare workers.
  • Friends Mark Maranan and Francis Antoque are both nurses from Victoria who recently established their bubble tea shop.
  • A nurse from Queensland Kristina Fernandez purchased a cafe with her husband and friend near a hospital.

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Filipinos are known in the field of healthcare sector especially in nursing for being hospitable and caring.

This has been highlighted during this pandemic amidst the challenges of staff shortage.
But some Filipino nurses in Australia pursued their other passion while busy with their profession.

Friends and both nurses Mark Maranan and Francis Antoque from Victoria have been living in the country for four years and managed to start a business called Boba Central in Ballarat.

We have decided to open a business in Ballarat because during those times that we are in Geelong we are wanting to do business just for another income because we were supporting loved ones in the Philippines.

Mark Maranan

Mark and Francis are bubble tea lovers so they have been eager to venture with the help of their friend.
They have no entrepreneurial experience but took the risk.

“There was really a big fear and hesitation at first we were really thinking about it multiple times, we slept on it we prayed for it. It’s really a big risk in jumping into a new business, especially for us, we don’t have knowledge about business, even in the Philippines, we don’t have any business experience,” Francis said.

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Mark Maranan manning their bubble tea shop Boba Central in Ballarat, Victoria.

From a full time nurse in Gold Coast, Queensland, Kristina Fernandez gradually transitioned to part time and then fully quit her job to focus on her business Three Shots Cafe’.

She opened up with her husband and her friend at the time she wants to pursue her love for coffee.

All of us don’t have any barista experience and no business experience, I want to inspire people that you don’t have to be a professional to start a passion.

Christina Fernandez

Aside from the usual customers, their cafe has been delivering coffee to the nearby hospital where she worked.
The connection between her nursing profession and her coffee passion has been very significant.

“I didn’t realize that it would be an opportunity for us to provide to my colleagues, nurses and doctors. And they always say when we deliver that it brightens their day, it saves the day for them,” Kristina shared.


Three Shots Cafe owners Francis and Kristina Fernandez.

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