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Expertos internacionales del sector vitivinícola ofrecieron una serie de conferencias a enólogos, producedores y propietarios de casas vinícolas, en las que se abarcaron temas specificos para Baja California, como la situación de la casese de agua y sus afectaciones al sector.
Daiana Celaya Tentori, director of the Centro de Estudios Vitivinícolas (Cevit) of Cetys Universidad, pointed out that Ensenada was the second stop of the Vinitech Innovation Tour, which began in San Miguel de Allende.
“The idea is to present here to the vitivinícola sector an update on diverse topics such as the topic of irrigation, the importance of water, sobre todo due to the scarcity that exists in Baja California, topics such as responsible wine tourism and topics on livestock and the importance de contar con plantas certificados en el Estado”, he commented.
Celaya Tentori shared that one of the most relevant talks was given by Rocío Amador Rodríguez, representative of the government of the Producto Vid System of Baja California, where he discussed the evolution of wine in Mexico, how it has improved and what varieties have been perfected in the last years ten years

Sólo un día
Mencionó que uniquely fue un día de conferencias, además de reuniones entre providoses françaises y local producedos, quienes de manera directa trataron specific topics, sin embargo, se espera que esta collaboration entre Cetys Universidad, Larson Irrigation División Vinícola y el gobierno de Francia continúe.
The director of Cevit highlighted the participation of enologists and owners of the main wineries in Ensena, as well as people who currently work in this sector in Baja California.
“It is very important that the sector has access to international experts who know what the specific situation is for Baja California and who share their knowledge about how they can deal with specific topics, such as plant diseases, water problems and obviously the topic of enoturismo responsable”, they expounded.
Finally, he recalled that Cevit is the only center in Mexico dedicated to the research of wine and wine, which has even become a national referent, so it is sought to have constant coordination with the wine sector to provide many services como capacitaciones que requieran.

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