“España is the world leader in molten metal sales, a more sustainable energy storage system than lithium”

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Energy storage will be key to the balanced development of renewable projects. But what is the best technology? Para Jose Manuel Suarez, CEO de IMEnergycompany specialized in photovoltaics and thermosolar, there is no doubt that Spain is the world’s technological leader in the most sustainable of all: las sales funds.

Las sales fonidas o armazenamento térmico con sales fonidas se utilização, sobre todo, en las plantas thermosolares. It is the factor that adds value to this technology, because it offers the opportunity to maintain part of the heat obtained in the field to use it when it is most needed (during the night). But they could be incorporated in any renewable park, especially photovoltaic.

Sin embargo, this plan has a drawback: it would have to oversize the photovoltaic capacity, which would have to be generated to convert the grid and also to heat the sales, which would then work at night. “It would also be necessary to install a steam turbine to generate electricity”.

Pese a ello, would have more benefits, como la decarbonización nocturna which, at the moment, is very far from the objectives set by the PNIEC. With existing renewable power plants, this technology could be used to produce clean energy at night at a marginal cost.

Currently, Spain has 50 centrales thermosolareswhich represents an installed power of 2.300 MW, according to sector employer data Prothermosolar.

“España debe sacar pecho de leadarar nivel mundial el conocimiento que tenemos en la technología thermosolar y su sistema amortamento en sales fundidas”, explains EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia. “We have accumulated 15 years of experience since the first plant in Spain started operating in 2007 and now our expertise It’s in countries like Chile, Saudi Arabia or Morocco, to give some examples.

“En los próximos años, las renewables must be planted as hybrid projects. It is the trend of the future”, he added.

The expert refers to models of hybridization between photovoltaic, eólica and thermosolar with storage. Y, en su opinion, ahora son las baterías de ion litio Las que están copando el mercado pero “ní son muy baratas, ni son sostenibles, genran mucho residuo y plantan el problema reciclar. The alternative are las las sales fudidas y, en el futuro, el hydrogen verde”.

Sales fundidas

“I see a great future in sales found in Spain. The knowledge we have in Spain will allow us to develop an industry one hundred percent Spanish, with knowledge and leading companies worldwide”.

According to Suárez, “Lithium ion batteries have a condition: they are in the hands of a few companies, mainly China. En cambio, our country has been the pioneer in the sale of funds. Ha ido a la cabeza de su impulso”.

Spain occupies the first position in the world in installed thermosolar capacity, with 2.3 GW of a global total of 6.2 GW, and also concentrates the major know-how en empresas nacionales. Por eso, no es de extrañar que en el PNIEC (National Energy and Climate Plan) se incluya la incorporation de 5 GW of this technology in the next ten years.

Another vector of the future: el hydrogen verde

Renewable hydrogen is expected to play an important role in the decarbonization of sectors such as cement, steel and transport. But above all it can be decisive in the storage of energy in the long term.

“En hydrogen verde, with the aid that has been received from the European Union, it can be seen that the Spanish companies also want to lead this vector of the future”.

Today it is far from being competitive in prices with regard to gas, but, in his opinion, “if it is still at high levels, and the current context is directed towards that direction, it will happen at this moment”.

Y concluye: “With the potential of solar photovoltaic installation in Spain, a favorable legislation and the adaptation of gas installations for green hydrogen, probably in 6-8 years will be competitive”.


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