Estate Logs CEO Wins Two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

The digital revolution has been gaining momentum in the property sector over recent years, changing the way people buy, sell, and manage properties. Based in Stockholm, SwedenEstate Logs is a company that’s taking PropTech to new heights, saving its clients time and money in the process.

The company’s technology driven approach to property adds value by reducing maintenance costs and reducing inefficiencies. The platform collects data from hundreds of different sources to create an optimized workflow for each individual property. It’s completely independent and not reliant on in-house systems, so it’s easy to set up and manage.

So far, the Estate Logs platform has reduced client costs by as much as 76% and created € 50m in property value. It’s being used in 27 Nordic cities and more than 100 property details have been uploaded, marking an important paradigm shift in the industry.

Estate Logs uses powerful machine learning and AI to deliver newfound insights that are mutually beneficial for property owners, buyers and managers. The revolutionary approach is highly efficient and cost-effective, slashing tender process times from months to an average of 1-2 weeks. Sustainability is an important focus for Andreas and his team, who are committed to making the property industry greener by reducing inefficacies.

He explained there are big plans around the corner: “Long term we are well positioned to connect property owners with more services and products through our platform, ultimately transforming into the dominant marketplace for the property ecosystem.”

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