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Euro-Funding es una firma de consultoría especialista en el advice to innovative companies in the definition and implementation of a strategy focused on the capture of public funds through the combination of direct aid (subventions and credits) and fiscal incentives. The success that the company has achieved is due to a profitable and sustainable growth thanks to the professionalism and motivation of a team specialized in continuous training and the ability to anticipate changes.

Euro-Funding has more than two decades dedicated to the formation of one network of international collaborators que ha permite a la entity disponer de una philosophy basada en la orientation al cliente acompanando alla where their projects are.

El equipo técnico de Euro-Funding analiza los proyectos ya desarrollados y los investment plans previstos a futuro para desarrollar un scenario de financiación que se nueva de forma constante con información anticipada y actualizada sobre los programs, incentivos y cambios normatives. Al mismo tiempo, Euro-Funding pone a disposibilidad de sus usarios diferentes personalized financial solutions que permiten materializar los different instruments of financing de manera rápida y eficiente de acuerdo a su contexto financiero (monetización/cash-back, participation of private financial entities, avales y garantías, generation of AIE or subrogation of credits, among others).

According to the last survey of satisfaction, elaborated by the firm, nine out of every ten users who form part of the Euro-Funding network recommend their management network and highlight the high specialization of their technical team.

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